Have you considered buying towbar bike carriers

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Do you love your bicycle? Would you use it more if you could transport you bike(s) with one of the modern towbar bike carriers? There are plenty to choose from and Witter can supply you with towbar bike carriers that can take up to 4 bikes. Why not check out their online catalogue now? You can book your towbar fitting or Van roof rack online through Witter. You don’t need to worry about towbar fitting. Let the experts do it for you.

Would you cycle more if you had towbar bike carriers?

If you live in the middle of the city and cycle to work, you might think that this is enough exercise for you. However, if you had towbar bike carriers, you could get out of the city and more easily take your bike into the glorious (if rainy) British countryside. Think of all the fresh air you could get into your lungs.

The bad thing about cycling in Britain’s towns and cities is the pollution from fumes. However, did you know that a passenger on a bus is exposed to more environmental pollution than a cyclist? Car drivers and passengers are more exposed to pollution than those who walk or cycle.

If you had a towbar bike carrier fitted to your vehicle, you could escape the city and get more fresh air. Think about it! Escape with your bicycle(s) every weekend.

The beauty of towbar bike carriers

If you have a motorhome, towbar bike carriers can be fitted on it and then you could transport your bikes to foreign fields. Greece, for example, is very tolerant of motorhomes parking off-road. You can find an idyllic spot, under large plane trees in summer, to get out of direct sunlight and get on your mountain bike to have an adventure in completely new surroundings. There are some hotels that allow motorhomes and bikes in their car parks.

You can combine driving and cycling and get to places that are impossible to get to in a motor vehicle if you have a bike. You see more of the country and countryside this way.

Why not go to Greece?

Driving to Greece with your towbar bike carriers would be an adventure. Take a ferry across to France, drive though Austria, Italy and then get the ferry from Ancona for the voyage to Greece and a trip down the Corinth canal. It is at Corinth that the Peloponnese starts.

If you decide to visit Greece, forget the islands, go to the Peloponnese. It’s like an island as it is almost separated from the mainland by the Gulf of Corinth and the Corinth canal. You can cycle through Mani and visit the beaches at Gythio, or head for the Tayegetus mountains for some spectacular scenery. There are many places to visit and you can choose between mountains and beaches.

Interestingly Patrick Leigh Fermor, the travel writer, chose to live in Mani, and built a house in Kardamyli after travelling around the whole of Greece. It is a special place, although many tourists regularly descend on it in summer. However, there are many other unspoiled places in Mani and the rest of the Peloponnese.

You will probably make new friends along the way to your destination as Greeks are very friendly and curious. Chat with them outside tavernas or the ubiquitous cafés and sit under vast plane trees. You can study Greek mythology and history and go to the places made famous by legendary (and real) Greek heroes.

The 1821 revolution against the Turks began in Mani, with Kolokotronis being one of its leaders. It seems that the wildness of the countryside influences the people who live in it.

There are many hidden gems to discover, all you have to do is follow your nose and make frequent detours from the main roads. You never know what delights you will find.

There’s no doubt that towbar bike carriers are a boon when you go abroad. They may be expensive, but if you intend using them a lot, the pleasure you get from cycling will outweigh the cost of the towbar and towbar fitting. You might find that the cost is not as bad as you thought! Why not check out the various types of towbar bike carriers, towbar fitting and the accessories you need for your vehicle? You won’t regret your decision to purchase a towbar and bike carriers for your cycles especially from a reputable company like Witter Towbars.

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