Driving is fun and this rest solely on your choice of a tire. Tires depict the extent of fun you would derive as you mount the drivers’ seat. Do you have any idea of which tire to opt for? Or you desire a tire with high performance? Then consider the BF Goodrich tires, one made just for you. With many years of experience and existence, BFGoodrich tires are designed and produced to give you the control and stir you to a desire for a soaring ride when on the road or off the road; after all- great tire make a good ride and in turn, a fun fills experience.

Spotting the right tires

Tires mediate between you and the road. In times of adverse weather condition, storms, high rains or even bad roads, your tires rise to the occasion, withstand the stress or collapse while doing so. You should not wait to fall a victim of a broken tire during one of these conditions. It can really be messy. BF Goodrich tire has proven traction and guaranteed durability. The acceleration is faster while the brakes are agile. For these reasons, it is just your right option.

Putting BFGoodrich tires to the use

Built with the combo of technological expertise and experience, BFGoodrichtires can feature in all use including desert ride, car racing, sports of any kind, crawling of rocks, sand bathing, snow cruising, hill ditch and even mud dancing. Other instances include its usage in a passenger car, as mini-van tires, for performance tours, light truck and SUV usage all-inclusive.

Have a safety dance with BFGoodrich tire

BFGoodrich tire is simply made with your safety at heart. Fabricated to dance on roads of all kind and finished to stand their trials. They arrive with the highest ratings and with the right amount of temperature and pressure placement. The compartment is furnished with lasting steel belts at a high density to prevent wears while your fun last. BF Goodrich tire can stand the roads, poor paths, highways, and will not collapse nor blow out while manoeuvring the towns?

BFGoodrichtirein Dubai

Great! Now you have a full understanding of which tire to look out for and why gun for it. So, are you ready to hit the road and not knowing where to get your BF Goodrich tire? Do not worry. BF Goodrich tires are now present in Dubai. Dealers here would always source and handle all your tire needs. If you desire a premium tire for your car without hassles, bank on BFGoodrich tires. The prices are very moderate and highly competitive, especially when you buy your car tires from BFGoodrich dealers in Dubai. So, wait no longer, it’s time to drive to the fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prices of BFGoodrichtires in Dubai?

BFGoodrichtires price in Dubai is very moderate, and they are priced based on your tire range e.g., car range, 4×4 range, truck range etc.

Are there BFGoodrich dealers in Dubai?

Yes! iTireCare is an authorized dealer for all types and ranges of BFGoodrich tires

Does BFGoodrichtires have a warranty?

Yes! Every BFGoodrichtire bought from iTireCare comes with a warranty which the last equivalent to the range or type of tire purchased.

Do you sell part worn tires in your shop outlet in Dubai?

NO, we only sell brand new BFGoodrichtires at very moderate prices.

What is the cost of BFGoodrichtires?

The cost of buying BFGoodrichtire is dependent on your location as well as the range of tire that you need.

When is my tire due for a change?

Every tire is due for replacement once there is significant wear on the tire groove. This is usually when the tread depth is 1.6mm or below. In times like this, consider BFGoodrich

What kind of tire range can I get from BFGoodrich?

We have tires of various ranges such as; Car range, 4×4 range, Utility range as well as truck range.

Where can I buy BFGoorichtires in Dubai near me?

For Dubai residents and its environs, you can buy BFGoodrichtires directly from iTireCare who is the authorized dealers.

What does it mean by 4×4 tire range?

4×4 tire range is BFGoodrichtires that are designed for vehicles that can receive power from the engine on all the 4 wheels.

Can I use BFGoodrich with other different types of tire on my car?

For the best performance, it is advisable to use the same type of tire on your vehicle. This is because different tires with different construction, designations and stages of tread wear are likely to affect your vehicle’s stability.

Where is BFGoodrichtires manufactured?

They are manufactured from BFGoodrichtire factory in the United Kingdom

Where can I get tire installation in Dubai?

For all kinds and types of tire installation, you can have it fixed professionally at iTireCare

What is the groove depth of BFGoodrichtires?

Groove depth depends on the range of tire you are buying. But for car range, 4×4 range and utility range, the standard tread depth is 8mm.

Do BFGoodrichtires have a label which complies with the new EU tire labels?

Yes, BFGoodrich tires have the new tire labels and the label provides information about; Wet Grip, Fuel Efficiency and external rolling noise of the tire.

What is the cost of fixing tire puncture?

Puncture to your BFGoodrichtires can be fixed professionally for only $

How long will it take to have my four tires changed?

Changing tires is what we do professionally. But depending on the type of vehicle tires you wish to change, the process should last between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

What can I do if my tire treads wear too fast?

Your tires need to be inspected by an authorized BFGoodrichtire dealer to identify the cause of short tire mileage. Also, you may have to bring your vehicle for the following inspection;

    1. Tire maintenance (rotation and inflation)
    2. Vehicle maintenance (suspension and alignment)
    3. Driving habit and style etc.
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