Can You Make Money on a Junk Car


Cars are everywhere. In every direction you look, cars are flying down the road. However, those cars are usually cars that were built within the past decade or two, which means that every few years people are buying new cars. What happens to all of those old cars? For many people, they are sold back to the dealership or to a third-party. The dealership will often refurbish them and sell them. If they’re older models, the dealership will likely sell them at auction. Lastly, they might dismantle the cars and sell the parts since automobiles are unique.

Sum of Their Parts

Automobiles are unique in that they are worth much less than the sum of their parts. If you have an old vehicle that isn’t in great shape, you might get a few hundred dollars for it. However, if you took the time to dismantle the vehicle and sell it piece by piece, you could get hundreds of dollars more. Automobiles are so expensive that people are willing to pay a little bit more to get that one part to fix their car. So if you have a junk car, you can pull it apart and sell the parts to make extra money.

You would need a wide range of complicated and expensive tools, a lot of knowledge about automobile mechanics, and several weeks of free time. All of that would more than negate any benefit you would get from selling your car parts. Alternately, you can sell your vehicle to auto wreckers in Perth.

Sell to a Wrecker

Obviously, wreckers are very aware of the value of automobile parts as compared to the value of junk cars. Therefore, they are very eager to buy automobiles that have good quality parts, even if the entire vehicle is not in good shape. For example, a car with a busted transmission won’t go anywhere, but a broken transmission does not mean that the engine is necessarily bad. Also, a malfunctioning transmission does not necessarily mean that the individual gears inside the transmission are beyond repair.

A wrecker will be able to remove such parts from your vehicle and sell it for a profit. They have the time, resources, and the knowledge to effectively pull your car apart. Also, since professional wreckers guarantee the quality of their parts and refurbish any damaged ones, they are able to charge a little bit more for their parts than some individual sellers. So when you add all of that together, you can see how you could make a lot of money on your junk car.

Your car is worth more in parts than as a whole. A wrecker wants to remove parts from your car, and can charge more than individual sellers for the parts. Therefore, they will be willing to pay you more for your junk car than just about any other buyer. A scrap metal company only wants it for the metal; they don’t care if it runs. A dealership only cares if the car runs. The wrecker knows the true value and is willing to pay it.

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