Car Parts Hold Much Value


Driving along the open road, he watched as the sun flickered in and out from behind a cloud. It was a relatively calm day. No extreme wind or any other weather pattern to worry about. Then out of the corner of his eye, he saw it. A burst of speed and dust everywhere. Did it concern him?

He had hoped that it didn’t but unfortunately for him, it did. That burst of speed caused enough of a distraction for the man to lose control and billow into an object just off the road. His physical pain was minor compared to the emotional strain of losing one’s vehicle in a wreck. That car was his lifestyle for the last 16 years and now it is nothing more than a pile of metal. What should he do?

File a Claim

After the dust settles and you arrive safely back to your place of residence after the wreck, you will want to do a number of things. One of these things is to file a claim on your auto insurance. Your type of claim will largely depend on what happened and who caused the wreck and what not. Your insurance company will analyze the claim and decide how to go about accepting it or not. If they deem it a total loss, they will pay out the claim and you will go on searching for a new ride. It begs the question, what do insurance companies do with cars that have been deemed a total loss?

Total Loss, Not Quite

When a car is lost due to a wreck, insurance companies will often auction them off for repurchase. One may wonder why a person would want to pay money for junk cars Houston TX or anywhere else in the nation. The answer is simple: to turn a profit.
When these vehicles are resold at auction, they come with what is known as a salvage title. It simply means the vehicle has been deemed a total loss by the insurance company. This is largely due to deficiencies with the vehicle, but sometimes other situations can shift a title to be labeled as such. People do a number of things with vehicles that have a salvage title. Sometimes they buy them for parts and other times they will attempt to repair and restore a vehicle before reselling it on the market. Wrecking yards are home to countless vehicles that are no longer on the road, but still being used to turn a profit either through parts or scrap metal.

Cars are expensive and often need repairs. This is why used parts are so valuable. Even though a vehicle may be totaled doesn’t mean that all of its components were compromised. There are a lot of working parts to a vehicle and there is value to be had somewhere. The life of a vehicle long surpasses its time on the road. Car parts hold value as long as vehicles are still being used.

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