Do You Need Your Brakes Repaired


Brakes have a way of letting you know when they need replacement. For example, they may make a good deal of noise and they may tend to pull. If you are experiencing any of these difficulties, you need to contact a garage immediately.

When to Have Your Brakes Repaired

Never drive with brakes that are in dire need of repair, as doing so is dangerous. You need to leave your car with a mechanic if you experience any of the following signs of damage:

  • Your brakes are not responsive. If the pedal sinks almost to the floor, you may have a leak in your braking system. The leak could be a brake fluid leak or an air leak. If you often see a small pool of liquid on the ground after you park your car, you have a brake fluid leak.
  • Your car is pulling to one side as you brake. This veering to one side is a warning that the brake linings are worn. Also, the brake fluid may contain debris in such cases. Therefore, the fluid may have to be drained and replaced.
  • Your brakes are grinding. This type of metallic sound is often a common complaint heard by professionals who perform garage services in Plumstead. If this is the case with your vehicle, the callipers and discs are usually causing the friction. This activity can score the rotors, which may call for turning the rotors or having them replaced.

Does Your Car Vibrate?

In addition to the above-mentioned issues, you may experience vibration whilst driving. If your brake pedal vibrates, it may mean that a rotor is warped or that your car is out of alignment.

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