Essential Accessories You Probably Want For Your New Car


After purchasing a car, you will need to purchase accessories that will help upgrade your safety, comfortableness, and efficiency. For instance, after buying a new car, you may end up having a flat tire or an accident. You will need special gadgets to help you fix the flat tire or escape the accident. These gadgets typically don’t come with the vehicle in time of purchasing.

However, below is a list that can help you identify the essential accessories you need after purchasing a vehicle.

1. Dashboard camera

Globally, hundreds of road accidents occur daily. Not every driver on the road is as careful as you. Hence, in case of an accident, the insurance company might not believe the side of your story. In such scenarios, you may need the assistance of a dashboard camera. Thanks to tech, you can now capture and record high-quality images of 2160 resolution. Therefore, if you have an accident, you can easily prove your innocence using the dashboard camera. Besides that, this device can also help you capture the beautiful landscape of your surroundings, giving you a comfortable driving experience.

2. Emergency kit and Fire extinguisher

Most countries in the world have an enforced traffic law that your car must have a fire extinguisher and first aid kit. The emergency kit can help save the life of accident victims before taking them to the hospital. These kits are not only meant for your safety but other traveller’s safety. The thing is that new cars in NZ are propelled by gas, which is a flammable component. Hence, in case of an accident, the car might ignite a fire, causing an explosion which might lead to death or severe injuries. Thus, you have to have a fire extinguisher that can help prevent such scenarios from happening. The emergency kit must have an emergency blanket, light sticks, work gloves, brake fluid, fuses, and the first aid kit.

3. The floor liner and car vacuum cleaner

Nothing incorporates soil and mud much, as the floor of the car. Due to this reason, it’s good to get yourself a perfect floor mat that can help protect your carpet’s car from debris and dirt. While purchasing a floor liner, you must ensure that you get one that can be easily cleaned and maintained. Besides getting yourself a floor liner, it’s appropriate if you purchase a car vacuum cleaner that can help you clean the interior of your car.

4. Car toolset and hydraulic jack

Flat tires are a common thing even in newly purchased cars. Nonetheless, with the right tools, you can easily replace the flat tires with a new tire. To change a flat tire, you will need the services of a hydraulic jack. Hence, it’s better that you purchase one because asking for roadside assistance can be hectic and also expensive at times. However, a hydraulic jack can be meaningless if you don’t have the right set of car tools with you. Therefore, it’s appropriate that you get a set of tools that can also help you make minor repairs.

5. Tire Gauge

A tire gauge is essential to drivers during the winters and also when taking long-distance rides. A tire gauge can help you keep the correct pressure on your tires. Hence, if you go to the upcountry and find that the gas station has no modernized air fil up, you can easily gauge the air pressure f your tire using the tire gauge.

6. Smartphone mount

If you are new to any streets, you will require GPS to know where you are heading. However, you can’t rely on holding your phone while driving. Therefore, you will need to mount your phone so that it can be easy for you to navigate. For this reason, you will have to purchase e a smartphone car mount that will hold your phone while you are driving.

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