Give Your Car Quality Repairs and a Stylish Look


Bad scuff marks on your vehicle? In need of serious repairs? Being in even a minor car accident can be traumatising. Maintaining the safety standards of your automobile is paramount and should never be taken lightly or ignored, especially in these cases.

Damage and Repairs

After a fender bender, repairing a moderately deep scratch may not be number-one on your list of priorities. You just want to move on with your life after exchanging information with the fellow driver. However, even a minor scratch on your vehicle, at first seemingly innocuous and insignificant, can lead to corrosive damage down the line. Inner corrosion of the car wherever the scratch originates can end up costing you much more in repairs than if you had taken it into the shop earlier.

No matter how small the scratch or dent, it should always be taken seriously. You’re usually able to benefit from local shops, most outfitted with a free ride service or even loaner cars to make sure that you can come and go and ensuring that your schedule remains as intact as it can be.

Paintless dent repair, or removing a dent from a vehicle without disturbing the paint, is a valuable service to take advantage of. From minor accidents to inclement weather damage, dent removal at the mechanic uses simple tools to iron out any irregularities in the car’s body. With skilled professionals at your beck and call, you can be confident that your vehicle will look pristine and undamaged.


The style of your vehicle says a lot about you. If your coat of paint has dulled over the years or a scratch has tarnished the overall vehicle aesthetic, you may want to add life back into it by receiving a new coat of paint. There are different types of paint that you can use when repairing or enhancing the look of an automobile and with car painting in Perth, you’ve never had more say in the sheer customisation and vision of your car.

Solid paint, just one colour, is the standard type of paint used on vehicles. Sometimes mixed with a special hardening agent to more readily deal with wear and tear of the road, solid paint is cheap, easy to deal with, and easy to repair minor scratches on.

Metallic paint, solid paint with particles of metal and aluminium mixed in, makes the car shine more vibrantly due to the sun’s reflection. Although more aesthetically pleasing, some scenarios will have you paying a little more for multiple coats of metallic paint. However, this is a good investment as metallic coats can deal with scratches better.

Pearlescent paint uses ceramic crystals in the paint mixture rather than aluminium. This is far and away the most attractive paint scheme that you could outfit a car with. Finally, matte, which is solid paint mixed with PVC, gives the vehicle a silk-like coat that is truly unique. By using a team of skilled professionals, you’re able to not only repair visual and physical damage but outfit your automobile with a stylish coat of customised paint.


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