Having Gearbox Issues – Your Local Gearbox Mechanic Can Take Care Of That And More


Having your own car is great as it helps us with our everyday things like going shopping or going to work. It’s there for us on rainy days and if the family fancy a day out then the car will take up wherever we want to go. Running a car can also be expensive as you have to put fuel, get regular oil changes and get it ready every year for its MOT.

It makes sense, therefore, to get yourself a mechanic who can take care of all of the above and when things really go wrong like the transmission of the car then you need competent, reliable gearbox repair services in Epping as well. Whether you have a manual or automatic car, your local mechanic can offer services for both.

  1. Typically, a manual gearbox generally has issues with the bearings inside. Your mechanic should be able to replace these parts and allow you to avoid buying a completely new manual gearbox. Once changed, your gearbox should operate as normal and you are back on the road again.
  2. Automatic gearboxes are becoming increasingly popular in the United Kingdom and they are especially popular for city driving. This type of gearbox needs regular checking and servicing and an oil change. Making sure the automatic gearbox has sufficient oil helps to avoid problems.
  3. City drivers who have manual gearboxes generally ride the clutch as traffic moves a lot slower. This leads to issues with your clutch like slipping and your local mechanic can address issues with this as well.

For all your mechanical needs, be sure to call into your local repair centre for a comprehensive checkup.

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