Help! I’ve Just Put a Dent in My New Car


If you’ve damaged your new vehicle, don’t worry! It happens to some of the best drivers on the road. You lose concentration for a split second and next thing you know you’ve a dent in your new car. A lot of small dents can be removed by yourself, but some of the bigger and more complex one’s need to be fixed by a professional. If you aren’t sure where to find one in your area, use a key phrase such as “dent repair near me Walsall to source a car dent removal expert close to home.

Here are 5 of the main causes of car dents:

  • Hailstorms & Sleet
  • Bumping into Another Car
  • Rogue Sports Balls
  • Drive Thru Car Wash
  • Shopping Trolleys

Even if you’re a careful driver, somethings are just out of your control. There is no point in losing sleep over a small dent.

These home remedies will help to remove dents, if they don’t work, it is time to call a professional.

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Hair Dryer & Ice Bag

One way of removing a small dent on the body of your car is to use a hair dryer and an ice bag. Heat the dent with the hair dryer, then gently rub the ice bag over the dent. The rapid change in temperature will cause it to pop out.


A plunger can be used to remove dents on your car – all you have to do is pour some water over the dent and pull repeatedly.

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