How Is the Health of Your Car’s Windscreen


The windscreen is an integral part of the normal functioning of any car. It allows the driver to see the road and their surroundings clearly, but prevents wind, rain, hail, dust, or insects from entering the cabin. In short, the windscreen is essential! But what happens when a windscreen is broken, chipped, or otherwise damaged?

How a Windscreen Can Be Damaged

A vehicle’s windscreen can be damaged in a number of ways, including but not limited to the following:

  • Rocks and debris: Whether thrown deliberately or tossed up from a road that is strewn with them, pebbles and rocks can crack windscreen glass and chip it. Though windscreen glass these days tends to fracture and break differently, in the worst cases this debris can even punch a hole right through the glass, with obvious risks to the occupants!
  • Criminals: Sadly a very common occurrence, the average windscreen can do nothing against the bludgeoning force of a criminal or other perpetrator armed with a bat, club, crowbar, or other similar glass smashing weapon.

The good news is that affordable windscreen services in Leeds can fix any of these problems quickly.

When a Chip Becomes a Big Danger

Lots of windscreens sustain damage on the road from small rocks and pebbles being thrown up in the air. These often cause small chips and dents in the glass. While this might seem okay to begin with, the glass in the area of the damage can become weak very quickly, and the cracks can spread to other areas of the pane of glass. This has obvious dangers for the driver and occupants and must be repaired by a professional.

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