How to Rent a Car in the Age of Highly Transmittable Viruses


Currently, there’s a global coronavirus pandemic and nations are done trying to downplay how serious it is. The call is for everyone to be vigilant and to implement the highest standard of hygiene.

Ensuring your personal safety from transmittable viruses can feel like a huge hassle. However, the extra steps you take for disinfection can save you not only from the huge amount of money for medical treatment if you get infected, but also from the loneliness and pain the disease can cause, as well.

World health authorities strongly advise everybody to stay in the safety of their homes to prevent infection. However, certain operations still require some people to head out and travel from one place to another. One of the transportation solutions some people prefer is car rental deals which provide them with a private vehicle and a driver.

Indeed, these are fantastic provisions during this time for folks who do not have their own vehicle to use. But health authorities still advise the public to implement the highest level of hygiene even when using well-maintained provisions. Listed below are tips on how to rent a car during this period of highly transmittable diseases.

1. Inquire about the last time the car was used

This may seem too probing, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry at this point. Just ask when the car was last used and if it has undergone thorough cleaning and disinfection before coming to serve you for the day. Or, you can simply request for a cleanup and disinfection job to be carried out before the vehicle comes for you.

Top rental companies in Dubai already have a standard procedure for this. But ask anyway for your own peace of mind, even if you will be bringing a disinfecting agent with you and spraying the car with it before boarding.

2. See if the chauffeur has a mask and carries disinfecting products

Again, you may come off as rude, but a lot of social graces have to be pushed aside for the proper implementation of hygiene practices and social distancing.

If the chauffeur has a protective facial mask on and you can see that there are disinfecting products prepared in the car, you’re good to go. These are indications that not only does the rental company offering chauffeur services comply with all the special mandates regarding the containment of transmittable viruses, but also that it values its passengers’ health and safety.

3. Do not share the car with other passengers, if possible

The rule about social distancing is to keep it at one passenger per car, and this is relatively easy if you are hiring one for yourself. However, other vehicles such as bus rentals are meant to transport multiple passengers. These shared rides should only accommodate half of what the bus carries normally. And, passengers should space themselves away from each other — at least one seat apart. The same rule applies to vans.

4. Limit interaction with the driver and fellow passengers

Aside from making sure that you are all properly protected, avoid interacting with each other unnecessarily, as well. Keep conversations short because viruses can transmit through the liquid droplets from a person’s body.

And, if you cannot avoid coming in contact or interacting with each other, disinfect right away. You can use a spray alcohol or hand sanitizers. Don’t worry; there’s a low likelihood of anybody taking offense in the gesture because everybody wants to be safe.

5. Disinfect yourself before getting into the vehicle

Show courtesy to the rental company serving you during this difficult time by disinfecting yourself before getting into their vehicle, too. Clean your hands, disinfect your shoes (there are Lysol wipes and handy sprays that you can use) and cover your face.

Do this every single time that you need to leave the vehicle and come back in, especially if you had been part of a big group or crowd in a particular location.

6. Inform the rental company about where you are going and what you will be doing.

Be straightforward about your destination and activities. It’s important for rental companies to know these details so they can take extra precautions in protecting the car and driver, as well as future passengers.

If you are a health worker, for instance, going to or coming from the hospital as a part of the emergency team dealing with transmittable viruses, make the job of the service company you’re using much easier by being honest. Give them the chance to serve you appropriately. Those who really want to serve will look up ways to do their job right for every customer.

This is an extremely challenging time for the world. Everywhere you go, there’s always the risk of exposing yourself to harmful elements and getting sick.

But, with smart and thoughtful practices for day-to-day living and specific circumstances such as those shared above, you can do your part in preventing the spread of communicable diseases and supporting essential service groups.

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