At first glance you might think that the used car market is healthier than it’s ever been. Look online and you’ll find lots of new and used cars for sale. This is all about perception, and because the internet has widened our perception it can leave the impression that their are many more cars for sale.

However, there is an argument to say that the used car market is just as competitive, if not more so, than it’s ever been. Here are some possible reasons:

There is the rise of cash for car sites. These sites offer a great service, they allow sellers to quickly get rid of their cars without having to get involved with the used car market at all. Of course this means less privately sold used cars.

Obviously the economic situation is not great, although improving. This has affected the production of new cars, which has a knock on effect in terms of the used car market.

And then there are more subtle factors. Natural events like the tsunami in Japan have affected car production and this can also affect car value and the number of cars on the market.

With this in mind, you might encounter more difficulties in terms of buying new or used cars, which is why it can really pay to use a car price guide, which will help you to ascertain what you should be buying and selling vehicles for.


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