Reminders When Renting The Car Of Your Dreams


Renting a car is not a fun process, but if you get to drive away a car of your dreams, even for just a couple of days might be a reason for you to reconsider this option. In Los Angeles, renting exotic cars is becoming more and more popular for many travelers. But remember that when you rent a car, it comes with loads of responsibilities.

How To Avoid Mistakes In Driving A Rental Exotic Car

Take note that you might be driving a $10M-worth exotic car and you just rented it for a couple of hundred to thousands of dollars. To make sure that you are doing what is right with this expensive car, here are some tips to help remind you how to deal with a rental car, specifically an exotic one!

  • Stay Away From Fly-By-Nights. To make sure that this is a legit transaction, make sure that the vehicle that you are driving is owned or leased by the rental company. This should not be a private owner’s toy. Because of the rental car industry growth, we cannot deny that there are now many fly-by-night operators who are using privately owned exotic vehicles so they can avoid legalities, insurance, and financing. They usually offer cheaper rental prices. However, if you happen to rent one of these illegally, you could get in trouble if something happens.
  • Do Not Be Fooled By Stock Photos. What you drive away from the garage should look exactly the same as the one you reserved, especially when doing it online. There are start-up Exotic Car rental companies who are still using stock photos on their website.
  • Ask For A Car Briefing. Driving an exotic car might be a bit different from driving a regular vehicle. This is why before you drive it away, ask nicely for an onsite walkthrough so that you are aware of this car has unique characteristics that you should know of. You can ask your car rental company for a proper car introduction to make sure that you fully understand its features and how to operate them correctly.
  • Read The Fine Prints. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure that you read all the terms and conditions and any fine prints that you should be aware of. Some exotic cars can be different to rent compared to a standard rental. Know any restrictions, what to do during car problems, refueling requirements, and so on.
  • Double Check The Vehicle Condition. It is very important that before you drive the exotic car around town, you have checked the vehicle’s condition thoroughly while still in the garage. If possible, take pictures and videos if there are any visible damages or scratches. You would not want to pay for damages that you did not cause right?
  • Be Realistic. Sure, this is the car of your dreams, but remember that this vehicle might have already been driven by so many people before you. Normal wear and tear should not surprise you. You are lucky if you provided with the car that you expected, but if not, it is better not to get your hopes up too much.

If you want to get the full experience of your travels, then rent an exotic car! This might be a once in a lifetime experience for you, but for sure, it will all be worth it. Who wouldn’t want to drive their dream car even just for a day, right? So grab the opportunity if you have it and find out your options for an exotic car that you can rent.

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