Take Care of Your Truck Tires, Says Texas Truck Accident Lawyer


If a big vehicle such as a truck suffers from a tire blow out, it can dramatically affect the control that the driver has of the lorry. Noticing the truck is driving waywardly, other drivers become panicked and try to swerve to avoid the incident. This is exacerbated when other drivers are trying to navigate past any debris that may be coming off the truck.

If a collision occurs, this will likely cause some pretty severe injuries. If the tire falls off from the truck, the driver will need to use all his skill and expertise into trying to take control of the vehicle. If he fails to take control of the truck, he may hit other road users.

I am sure you can see the dangers if a truck tire blowout occurs, since a commercial lorry loaded can weigh approximately 80,000 pounds. This means that the truck will likely have a large stopping distance, which can be a real challenge for the driver of the truck to avoid any other road users if a tire blowout occurs, according to Texas 18-wheeler accident lawyer Greg Baumgartner.

Sometimes when a blown out tire occurs, it can cause the truck to veer in a totally different direction. This could lead the truck to becoming jack knifed, or even roll over. This is when fatalities happen. When fellow road users try to avoid the truck as it goes out of control, these road users may even collide with other road users who are also trying to avoid the truck.

Crashes involving 18 wheeled lorries can result in other collisions on the road. Sometimes, it is possible for 5-10 vehicles to become involved when a tire blowout happens.

The rate at which these tire blowouts occur can only be reduced if more attention is paid to the trucks’ tire maintenance and repair, which is needed if we are going to halt the increase in the number of crashes taking place.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have ever been involved in an accident with a truck, whether due to a tire blowout or for another reason, we would recommend that you get in contact with a reputable truck accident attorney to make sure you are given the right advice.

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