Tips for Driving in Canada


Canada is really a very beautiful city to explore. It is vast in size and this ultimately means that going for a road trip here can turn out to be a very long and tiring experience. If you want to see the breathtaking scenery of Canada, then you must plan well in advance that where you want to go. Canada has a lot of different provinces and each of them has their own specific road rules and tips which should be abided. Don’t get tensed as there are many similarities between the provinces and you will be able to navigate your way around without facing too much trouble.

Essential Tips for Driving in Canada

The Canadians drive on the right side, this is similar to many other countries in this world. Now this is an issue for most of the people from the UK. Don’t worry as you will deal with this driving on the ‘wrong side of the road’ by taking your time and starting out slowly. Slowly and gradually you will get used to it and then your confidence would start growing. The safety standards are really very high on the Canadian roads and you will be surprised to know that the official road death numbers are higher than the UK. Wearing a seat belt is compulsory in Canada and make sure that your co passengers are also wearing seat belts or else you will be fined.

If you are planning to travel Quebec, then it is really very important to get familiarise with some basic French travel phrases before you reach. The other thing which you can do is to take a French phrase book along as it has many signs which are in French and would help you escape difficulty.

Road Conditions and Parking

The conditions of roads in Canada are excellent in quality especially near the large cities. Yes of course it suffers from traffic jams like any other large country. But you need not worry as it is an amazing place to drive. Canada has sheer size; this means that while driving you will traverse over a number of different styles of roads. It has large regular highways and expressways. There are signs on the roads which would tell the driver to slow down if any wildlife type’s animals are seen nearby. So just abide by the signs and slow down whenever asked. It would be bad for a car which has hit a deer or a moose that ran across the road unexpectedly. Just drive slowly and avoid any sort of collision.

Some parts of Canada can be really very hazardous while driving in winters, so watch out for roads full of ice, snow and many other extreme conditions. Some roads over there are extremely isolated and if you get trapped in an accident over there, then it means that you are alone there for hours with no other vehicles passing by. Always carry your mobile phone with you and save the local emergency services number.

Speeding laws in Canada

All the Canadians practice defensive driving, and that is the reason why there is very less danger of collisions from speeding. You know that the roads are wide and open, this means that some of the drivers can turn impatient and would break the speed limits. But there are mobile patrols installed that are watching out for speeders and ones who are caught would have to pay high fines. Generally the speed limits are:-

  • Motorways- 100km/h
  • Built-up Areas- 50km/h

Road Rules in Canada

There are different provinces in Canada and it means that all of them have their own road rules, but generally all of them share similarities. But if you have planned your road trip ahead and are taking breaks in between, then you will find travelling in Canada extremely pleasurable.

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