Tips to Resolve Car Window Problems


If your car windows and stuck at the middle, not allowing you to roll it up and down, it is really a botheration that leaves you perturbed at an unexpected time. Things get especially worrisome, if you were about to leave your car parked at a public parking slot, and you don’t have time to call the mechanic and wait for them to arrive and sit till it gets repaired. But if you know these steps, you can try yourself, get it back into track and leave for your work. All you need to have is following these steps suggested by the experts of the Spokane Valley Chevrolet dealer.

Identifying the Fault

If the car window malfunctions, it is always because of a faulty window regulator assembly. So, what needs to be done in this case is re-installing the window regulator assembly, for which these steps have to be followed in the right sequence.

  1. Removing the Inner Door Panel

You have to start with opening the door and access the inner door panel by removing the plastic pieces that comes in the way of the door panel that are fixed with screws with the help of a flat-head screwdriver. Once done, now you need to remove the plastic clips holding the door panel to the frame. Next is sliding in a flat tool in between the metal frame and the plastic panel and gently start separating off the door panel from its frame. After removing the door panel the internal wires will get exposed that are connected to several switches which needs to be removed from the panel. This has to be done by disconnecting the switch assembly from the door panel. At this point you will find a thin plastic sheet spread on the interior assembly which is actually a water shield to protect the electronics cluster from excessive moisture seeping through the door.

  1. Reinstalling the Window Regulator

The first step towards re-installing a window regulator is to remove the window regulator. For this you have to find the bolts in the door frame that are connecting the assembly with the regulator motor. To access the motor, the bolts have to be removed. Once done, you have to pull the window up with your hands and keep it aside. Then you have to remove few more bolts that attach the regulator assembly with the door and pull out the regulator assembly.

  1. Installing a New Regulator

The last but one step is to install a new regulator to its dedicated place, following the same steps in reverse order, putting the bolts back to their places and tighten them with a ratchet. Next comes sliding back the plastic sheeting pressing it back carefully to the frame. Now it will be time to place back the door panel on its frame by popping the plastic clips on. Then by pulling the door frame toward yourself with one hand you have keep pushing the door panel away from you simultaneously. Once all are back o place, try the window switches to see, if they are working again.

If all these seems to be not feasible for you, a professional help from any trusted dealership like Spokane Valley Chevrolet can set things right in half an hour.

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