Truck Accident Causes And How To Pursue Them


Many different factors can contribute to a truck accident, and some are more likely than others. Driver negligence is often the major factor, as is improperly loaded trucks. Impaired driving is another common factor, and this can lead to an accident. However, any one of these causes does not necessarily mean a truck crash is inevitable. Instead, it is always a good idea to consult a truck accident lawyer to help you determine what is likely to cause your accident.

Driver negligence

If you have been in a truck accident caused by the driver’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. Truck accidents are caused by a number of factors. These factors may range from the negligence of a drunk truck driver to a defective mechanical part or improper maintenance. A truck accident attorney can help you determine which party is responsible. You should also know your rights under insurance laws. Listed below are some common causes of truck accidents and how you can pursue them.

Despite the many regulations regarding truck driving, truck accidents are often caused by a truck driver’s negligence. A truck’s design, manufacture, or maintenance may be flawed, making it dangerous to drive. The FMCSA reports that faulty vehicle components cause many truck accidents. These parts may include tires, wheels, brake systems, steering mechanisms, and even trailer hitches. Some drivers fail to maintain the proper distance or load on their trucks.

Improperly loaded trucks

Hundreds of truck accidents occur every year because of improperly loaded trucks. The dangers of loading a truck improperly are clear: it can roll over, the load could fall off, and pedestrians could be hit by falling items. Improperly loaded trucks also increase the risk of injury for all those on the road. While many trucking companies strive to prevent accidents, it is still essential to use caution and safety measures when loading your truck.

When a semi-truck is loaded improperly, it puts the safety of other motorists in jeopardy. This is a violation of FMCSA regulations that create a non-transferable obligation on the part of the driver. The driver, trucking company, and cargo should be properly instructed on proper loading techniques. If a cargo shift accident occurs because of improper loading, the trucking company could be liable.

Impaired driving

Various factors contribute to the occurrence of truck accidents, including the presence of an impaired driver. These factors make truck accidents more severe than car crashes, and may result in fatalities or serious injuries. Impaired driving is particularly dangerous for truck drivers, as it can cause them to lose focus or misjudge the speed and distance of their vehicles, or even roll over. The extra speed and lack of reaction time could also lead to a rear-end collision between two vehicles. Intoxicated truck drivers also increase the chances of causing catastrophic injuries and widespread property damage.

Regardless of the vehicle’s size or weight, tire wear, and brake failure are significant truck accident causes. Driver fatigue and drowsiness, which can result in drowsy driving, also contribute to the likelihood of a truck accident. Trucks must be maintained properly to prevent tire failure, so if they’re underinflated or misaligned, they could experience serious injury or even fatal accidents.

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