What You Should Know When Buying Car Detailing Products


Car detailing is important and valuable to your car since it maintains its conditions. Cars depreciate with time but detailing keeps it in its original state even as it turns into a classic. Getting rid of stains from your vehicle in the right way keeps the resale value of the car. Furthermore, you are sure that it is clean.

Detailing your car goes the extra mile beyond just cleaning the exterior of the vehicle. It is cleaning between seats, cleaning dirt behind the control panel, applying a protective wax coat, and odor removal. Also, the tires and the exterior are taken care of by gently removing the debris and dirt.

Removing stains from cars requires a tender touch because if one gets too rough with the surface, it may lead to chipping of the paint or other irreversible damages. This gentle touch can only be possible if you have the correct products and tools to do the job.

For you to be able to have the best of cleaning, there are processes that you will need to follow so that you know what products you are using for those processes:

  • Use the correct soap

Car wash soap is the right product to use on your car since it will not suck out crucial oils out of the car’s finish. Using dishwashing soap may shorten the paint life of your vehicle. The dishwashing soap may grind the surface dust into your paint finish.

  • Use Microfiber Mitt

The microfiber mitt is a better material to use on your car because when you rinse the wash mitt, the grit falls off. The sponge may not be effective since it holds particles within the pores and accumulates dirt. So when you rinse off the sponge, the grit will remain and end up being rough on the surface of your car while cleaning.

  • Dry the surface using a Microfiber Towel

Using a microfiber towel will collect the particles left on the car after rinsing. The towel will not just dry the car, but it will get rid of the grit. It is different for chamois because it is unable to pick the grit after rinsing. It ends up grinding the particles into the car’s paint.

  • Use a Dual-Action Polisher

Before you begin to polish, ensure that you have gotten rid of small scratches to get a better shine. Polishers have lower speeds, and they oscillate as they revolve. If you want the polishing to be effective, then apply the polish to the polisher’s pad, then run the polisher on the car’s surface. It is also best to polish the car before you wax it.

  • Use Synthetic Wax

Old paste wax does not last long and does not give a wet look once the waxing is complete. It is why most people prefer today’s synthetic wax.

While applying the synthetic wax you may find a wax haze left on the surface. To get rid of the wax haze you can use a microfiber towel to clean the surface. You could also use Nexgen Ceramic Spray that works even better than wax since it also gives your car a shine afterward. This type of product places a ceramic layer on the car’s surface with nanotechnology to provide long lasting protection.

  • Start Cleaning from the top.

While cleaning the interior of the car it is best to begin cleaning from the top. If you start by vacuuming the carpet, you will eventually push dirt from the seats, door panels, and seats onto the cleaned carpet.

Working from the top is the best way to do things. Also, if you want to remove dirt and dust, it is better to work with a brush and vacuum. The brush helps loosen the dust as you vacuum so that you can dispose of plenty of it. For the leather seats, you will be required to clean and condition them.

  • Use Vinyl Protectant and Non-Silicone Matte Dash

Normal Silicone dash protectant usually attracts more dust, and it means you will have to clean it regularly. Worse still, a shiny dash may reflect on the windshield that will diminish your vision. That’s why a matte finish is the best since it will minimize the glare.

  • Oil the Door Seals

When you clean the door, you may end up wiping off the door lubricant. During detailing, it is good to lubricate the door seals using silicone spray. The silicone you apply will minimize the sticking of the seal when you close the door.

  • Always finish with the glass.

Cleaning the windows last saves you the effort of having to redo them again. It allows you to get rid of treatment overspray all at once, leaving you with dazzling clean windows.
It is essential to use the right products as you clean the various parts of the car. Go ahead and look at product reviews. Whether it is the soap you are using or the silicone spray, ensure that you have considered the good and the bad in those reviews. For example, if you need to check on reviews such as certain ceramic sprays, then you could look up Shine Amor reviews to confirm for yourself. Checking out the reviews will save you from using products the wrong way or buying products that are not effective and will eventually frustrate you.

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