2020 Most Popular Electric Dirt Bikes


Trail biking is indeed a fun endeavor. You get to ride through rugged terrains and pursue majestic sights, even long country roads if you wish. However, most bikes can be noisy gas guzzlers.

If you’re concerned with the environment, then you should set your sights on electric dirt bikes.

Looking for options? Here are the 5 top-rated models that dominate the market:

1. KTM Freeride E-XC

Gunning for power reminiscent of gas-powered bikes? Then KTM’s Freeride E-XC is the perfect model for you.

Many thanks to its state-of-the-art control unit, you get highly tractable power. With its new Powerpack, you can traverse many miles with just a single 110-minute charge.

Despite its monstrous capacity, the Freeride E-XC is very lightweight. The frame, made of chrome-molybdenum, has a low open section and an aluminum skid plate. With its safe stability, you could make the high jumps you love doing.

Another strong suit of the Freeride E-XC is its dashboard. It features a digital speedometer – among many other features – so you only need to take a peek to see if you are right on track.

2. Electric Motion Escape

Fancy some off-road biking? Then Electric Motion’s Escape is what you need.

It can achieve a max speed of 70 km/h and a range of 61 km. With a torque of 450 nm, it comes with a progressive regenerative brake system. With this, you get assured of security on the slopes – no need to worry about your brakes overheating!

Escape’s frame, which was developed for rugged competition, is made of high-end steel tubes. As the frame itself only weighs 5 kilograms, it allows for much freedom and movement, no matter how rugged the terrain might be.

When it comes to longevity, you can expect the Escape model to push through for several hours. With its new battery management system, this light, compact power source can last for up to 60% longer.

You know what that means: more adventures with just one charge.

3. Zero Motorcycles – Zero FX

Whether you like trailing or just cruising the roads without the traffic, then you should consider Zero FX.

While it’s heavier compared to other common dirt bikes at 131 kilograms, it comes with a powerful Z-Force motor. With that being said, it can produce a top speed of 85 mph. With its 78 ft-lb torque, you can get a city range of 91 miles.

While its standard charge time is 9.7 hours, you can cut this down to 1.8 hours with the help of max accessory charges.

The Zero FX comes with Showa suspensions, which come with adjustable spring preload, rebound damping, and compression features. With its Pirelli tires, you can hit the trails and city roads smoothly and safely.

4. Alta Motors Redshift Mx

First released in 2018, the Redshift MX is one of Alta Motors’ (formerly BRD Motorcycles) electric dirt bikes.

Heralded as the company’s next-stage off-road bike, it comes with a surprising 120 ft-lb of torque – leading to 42 hp of raw power. With that being said, its specs are easily comparable to a 250-cc motor.

Despite its immense pull, the Redshift MX is lighter than the previous model. Add to that, the 265-pound current MX only takes a mere two hours on 220V charging.

Redshift MX comes in four modes. If you are a beginner, then you should try Map 1 (Eco). But if you have been trail-riding for as long as you can, then you are better off with Maps 2 to 4 (Sport, Performance, and Overclocked).

5. Cake Kalk&

Looking for a road-legal dirt bike? Then Cake’s Kalk& model is what you need.

It can generate a top speed of 90 km/h, which gives you about 86 km for mixed city riding and 35 km for high-speed adventures.

With its three riding modes, you can Explore enjoyably at 45 km/h. For active trails, you could choose the Excite mode for 1-2 hours of fun riding. On the other hand, Excel allows you to revel in ultimate torque and speed for about an hour.

Even if you ride fast, you are markedly safe with the model’s rigidity and strength. The forks suspension is readily adjustable for low or high-speed compression, as well as low speed rebound.

With a total weight of 79 kg, the Kalk& can give you a unique riding experience, minus the harmful gas emissions.

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