7 Great Tips for Car Maintenance


Car maintenance is vital for longevity, it helps you avoid costly replacements and provides you with a vehicle which is roadworthy and safe to drive at any time. Like any finely tuned system, car engine and its various parts must be properly maintained to avoid damage, if you neglect one area of the machine it can be disastrous for the whole unit. You should be vigilant and systematically maintain your vehicle, it will save you a lot of hassle in the future.

  1. Consistent Washing and Waxing

Metal will rust and paint will erode if not properly cared for, the body of your car is your outer shell and must be regularly taken care of. It is important to frequently wash, clean, and wax your body kit to ensure it stays looking as good as new, it will stop rust and help preserve the paint.

  1. Upgrade Your Tyres to Suit the Season

Your tyres are a very important part of your vehicle, if your car is running on incorrect tyres it can cause accidents during treacherous weather conditions. For instance, driving during the winter your regular tyres lose traction and can cause your car to skid or slide on icy roads. You should invest in suitable tyres which increase traction and improve your driving conditions.

  1. Recalls and Technical Service Announcements

Vehicle manufacturers sometime issue warnings about safety and other important service advancements, not all make it onto the news, you may need to research technical service announcements to ensure your model meets all the current safety standards.

  1. Don’t Ignore Warning Signs

If a warning light is flashing in your vehicle do not just ignore it and hope it will eventually go away, it is an important diagnostic programme which is installed on your vehicle for a reason, it points to a problem which requires attention.

  1. Designated Service & Maintenance Checks

Read your car manual and take note of when you need to return your vehicle to the garage for a service, if the book recommends that you get a car service in Canberra after 6,000 miles then follow the instructions and make an appointment. You should maintain your engine to avoid seizures, which can be costly to have repaired.

  1. Carry Out Your Own Inspections

Remember to check tyre pressure, oil level and other basic services which you can quite easily do by yourself. You cannot just bring the vehicle to a garage occasionally and hope it will run smoothly during the periods in between, do not just rely on garage services, tend to the upkeep yourself when needed.

  1. Follow the Vehicles Manual

Read through the user manual and take note of sections such as oil changing, some manufacturers’ booklets include the brand of engine oil which is best suited to maintaining your vehicle. Avoid cheap alternatives and stick to recommended brands.

Car maintenance is beneficial for numerous reasons, it increases the lifespan of your vehicle and helps to avoid costly replacements caused by neglect.

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