8 Boat Upgrades Definitely Worth Considering


You love your boat. It comprises a large part of your free time. That said, you want more.

So, you’re wondering: what kinds of upgrades are available out there? Good question and one that we can answer as well. Without further ado, here are 8 boat upgrades definitely worth considering.

  1. Install USB Charging Ports

The smartphone dominates today’s world. But if you’re out in the middle of a lake, your smartphone battery has a high chance of dying. So, what can you do to ensure you stay connected?

You can install USB charging ports. These ports are as cheap as $10 and can run on a 12-volt power system. So, you shouldn’t have much trouble getting one set up.

Just search “boat USB charging port” and you should be met with a variety of options. Soon enough, your boat will be a full-on charging station.

  1. Invest in a Cooler Seat

Boats only provide so much space. You can’t bring all of your possessions along. As such, you need to get a little creative.

One way to do so is to invest in a cooler seat. These are essentially just coolers with backrests on them. You can lean back on them while you fish, and then, when you’re ready for more drinks, open them up and grab a few cold ones.

A number of companies manufacture these coolers. Note, though, that regardless of who manufactures them, they tend to cost a few hundred dollars. To find one, search “boat cooler seat” on Google.

  1. Add Atmospheric Lighting

If you like to take your boat out at night, you might consider adding some atmospheric lighting. This lighting comes in a variety of colors and can be brightened or dimmed at your leisure. It can create all types of atmospheres and will always be able to suit your mood.

For boats, LED lighting is best. So, just go to Google and search “colored LED lighting for boats.” You should be supplied with a variety of different options, most of which cost between $50 and $200.

Pick one that’s in your budget, connect it to your boat’s electrical system, and all of a sudden, your boat will have a whole other aesthetic element to lean on.

  1. Mount a Trash Can to Your Cabinet Door

If you’re out on the boat all day, you’re bound to produce a fair amount of trash. The question is: where do you put this trash?

Sure, you could bring along a trash bag and use it to store your empties. But trash bags fly away and tend to cause more trouble than they’re worth.

Instead, you should think about mounting a trash can to your cabinet door. This way, your trash will stand no chance of flying away and will be snugly secured behind a solid, locked door.

  1. Buy Some More Cupholders

The majority of boats come equipped with cupholders. The problem with most, however, is that they don’t have enough cupholders. And so, in many situations, passengers have to hold their beverages throughout the duration of the trip.

Fortunately, you can add more cupholders, and at a very reasonable price to boot. There are mounted cupholders, suction-cup cupholders, recessed cupholders, and more. Just Google “boat cupholders” and you’ll find plenty of options to choose from.

Most cost between $5 and $10 apiece. That’s a small price to pay for added convenience.

  1. Set Up a Wakeboard Tower

Do you like to wakeboard or water ski? If so, you should consider setting up a universal wakeboard tower on your boat. A wakeboard tower will provide riders with extra “bounce”, allowing them to pop off the water and perform cool tricks.

Now, to be sure, wakeboard towers are quite expensive. Most cost thousands of dollars. However, they last for decades and can offer a substantial amount of fun.

For this reason, if you like to ride, they’re usually a sound investment. Browse some viable options in the afore-posted link.

  1. Add Speakers

Do you like music? Would you like to listen to it while you’re out on the water? If so, you should consider adding speakers to your boat.

There are all sorts of speaker options out there. You could invest in an expensive system that costs thousands of dollars. On the other hand, you could buy a small system that costs just hundreds.

There’s also the option to just buy a Bluetooth speaker and hook it up to your phone. This would likely keep your costs under $100.

The point is that music on the water can be done. Type “boat speakers” into Google and see what’s available to you.

  1. Employ a Fish Finder

If you like fishing, or if you’re looking to get into fishing, you should consider installing a fish finder. A fish finder is an electronic device that uses sonar as a means of detecting fish underwater. It’s highly effective and will improve your success rate substantially.

Fishfinders usually cost a few hundred bucks, though the top-notch ones run into the thousands. Starting out, you don’t need anything fancy. So, just Google “fishfinders” and you’ll be able to take your pick.

Make note, however, that fish finders are not magic. They help you to locate fish, but you still need to use the correct methods in order to catch them. In any case, they’re nice to have.

There are All Kinds of Boat Upgrades You Can Put into Action

These are some of the best boat upgrades available. But, in truth, there are all kinds of boat upgrades that you can put into action. Do your research, and you’re bound to build your dream boat.

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