A Guide to Correct Vehicle Towing


Towing a trailer is something that requires careful thought, and the most important aspect is to know your vehicle towing capacity, as this determines how much weight your vehicle can safely tow. One must search for the metal plate or sticker, which is usually found inside the driver’s door frame, that specifies the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), and this is the maximum weight your vehicle (and any trailer) can weigh.

Rope or Strap Towing Another Vehicle

By far the most difficult (and dangerous) way to tow a vehicle, as the rope can be taught or slack, and there is a special technique to correctly tow a vehicle this way. The towed vehicle should always ensure the strap is taught, and this can be done by gently applying the brakes, especially when on a downward slope. In effect, the towed vehicle is always pulling at the towing vehicle, thus ensuring the line will not break. It is not recommended to tow in this manner, and modern techniques involve a towing bar, which is rigid, ensuring the towed vehicle cannot collide with the rear of the towing vehicle. In the event of an emergency, providing the distance is not too far, and both drivers understand the principles of this type of towing. One must also consider power steering and hydraulic brakes, as if the towed vehicle’s engine is incapacitated, neither power steering nor the hydraulic brakes will work. The towed vehicle should have the hazard warning lights on and headlights too, although using a vehicle trailer is much safer.

Towing a Trailer

The first thing is to ensure that the trailer in question is suitable for the vehicle towing it, and if the GVWR is not exceeded, things should work out fine. If you live in the UK, have recently purchased a car and are looking to have a tow bar fitted, Hedley Towbars are the people to contact, as they will ensure you have the correct tow bar fitted, and they have an extensive range. It always pays to have an expert at hand when selecting a vehicle towing bar, as this ensures you make the right choice. Of course, there needs to be an electrical connection, which ensures lights, indicators, and brakes are all powered.

Sourcing a Suitable Trailer

If you have no experience with either trailer purchasing or towing, you should consult an established tow bar supplier, and they will tell you the type (and weight limit) of trailer you can safely tow. Many online tow bar suppliers also have a range of new and used trailers, making it a one stop shop for all your towing needs. Of course, one must always take into account the extra weight when towing a trailer, and generally one should drive slower than normal, remembering that the vehicle is much heavier and therefore requires more distance to safely stop.

Towing a trailer is very safe, providing you have the right attachments and do not exceed the GVWR, and by talking to the experts, you can be sure of making the right decisions.

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