A Guide to Motor Racing as a Hobby


According to a recent article, it costs a cool £3 million to put just one car through the F1 season, but looking at the other end of the scale, if your passion is motor racing and you desperately want to compete at some level, it is within reach of the average adult. Of course, you would need to narrow down your preferred style, which might be rally or track, and then, with a type of racing in mind, look for clubs that arrange meetings in that class of cars and this will give you a lot of essential information.

  • Sourcing a Vehicle – Once you have decided what class or type of racing you would like to try, finding the right car is next on the list. Many enthusiasts actually build their own, as they are also mechanically minded, and part of the thrill is to build the racing machine. Failing that, if you are coming in at entry level, there will be other club members who are upgrading, and buying a reliable second hand car is perhaps the best solution for an absolute beginner.

  • Transportation –Of course, you will need to travel to the various race meetings, so a good car trailer is essential. If you are based in the north of England, there are very affordable trailers in Yorkshire from an established supplier who has a wide range of new and used units, and can even customise a trailer if desired. Modern car trailers are light and strong and have all the safety features, and with ample space for essential extras, your car, tools and equipment will be safely secured during the trip.

  • Gaining Experience – Of course, any novice driver would have to move up the ranks, and you would likely have to enter a few novice races before being allowed out with the veterans. Joining a club allows you to take advantage of a nationwide network, and if you have a decent trailer, you can race most weekends.

  • Tools – It goes without saying that you must be prepared for every eventuality, and often you will have to do a midnight engine strip-down, so make sure you have a comprehensive tool kit and all the other things you might need.

  • Rules and Regulations – Like any sports, amateur car racing has very high safety standards, which would include wearing a full face helmet and having an appropriate harness type seat restraint. Fire protection is essential, and your local club would give you a handbook that contains all you need to know about the rules and regulations. With every member trying to win, there are specific restrictions on power output and types of fuel used, and the winning car is often checked right after the race to ensure it conforms to the category restrictions.

Of course, you will need a significant budget, and of motor racing is in your blood, then you will handle all the disappointments and frustrations that come with car racing as a hobby, and with a bit of luck, trophies will soon fill your sideboard.



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