All You Need to Know About Winter Car Wash


Washing your car in winter! We all know how brutal it sounds, when the chill water is all out to bite your hands. But it is a tragic fact, that it is during those snow-filled winter months your car needs to get washed more often. If you too nurture the ideology that washing your car exterior is just for a cosmetic  value, we are sorry to puncture your bubble. In reality washing your car exterior is an essential method of protecting it from the environmental woes. It is the proper way not only of maintaining it but also keeping it safe. Especially in winter, when the weather casts its cruel toll on the different crucial parts of the car, it is a regular wash schedule that can help keep your car stay steady on the road while looking handsome and well-groomed. It is from the mechanical team of Kellogg Chevy dealer, that we came to know more about this.

The Exterior Shine

While washing your car, the job also should ensure protecting the paint job as well. But that is not the only concern why the experts recommend keep washing your car in the winter days more often. The reason percolates much deeper than the mere shining effect everyone will feel like appreciating.

The car paint and the lacquer are not only an application to make your car body look good, it is more to help keep its metal body stay away from natural process of rusting. Then when it is winter, the snow that falls on your car body will not immediately start the rusting process but even accumulate the road salt, which is dangerous for the meta sheet. If you leave your car unwashed for long, the salt will start eating through the paint, slowly exposing the body surface of your car to get oxidized and therefore rust. Once this metal layer of your car body gets exposed, the toll of snow and water will take no time to wreak havoc. To protect your car from this corrosion, a regular proper wash with proper waxing will be the best solution.

Undercarriage Snow

The undercarriage part of any car stays unpainted. And this part of the most vulnerable one to get affected by the winter snow and road salt, mud and slush. All this will start accumulating moisture that would lead towards rusting. And that is enough a reason to destabilize the vital components like suspension etc. of your car. Other parts like loose bolts and the components that rub against each other when the car gets moving. Even the wheels and their rims are susceptible too like any other exposed metal components, as much as the brake calipers.

Hence a regular car wash routine in the winter with a thorough cleaning process of the undercarriage can save your car from being damaged in this season.

Other Parts

Other parts like windows, windshield and wipers too get jammed and rusted if they are left open in the cold without regular wash.

Hence, washing your car in regular intervals, especially in winter season will save you a fortune, and if you get it done from a reliable place like the Chevy dealer Kellogg, your car will return you back with its performance.

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