American Beauty: Why You Should Import Your Car From The States


The United States is the home of classic cars. From Chevy’s legendary Corvette to Dodge’s superbad Charger and Ford’s awesome Mustang, The States is the perfect place to look for an amazing classic. What’s more, you can buy pretty much any model you want if the money is good.

These are some pretty fantastic reasons to look to The States for your vehicle. But it doesn’t stop there, as there numerous benefits to buying your car from the grand old US of A:

1. There is unbeatable access

Naturally, buying vehicles in Australia has its convenience – but it doesn’t have its range. There is nowhere in the world that compares to the USA’s accessibility when it comes to sourcing top class classics. This is why the best American car imports Melbourne has always recommends searching here. There are an endless number of motorheads there who keep their classics in mint condition for many years and will likely be happy to onsell to you.

This accessibility is like entering a giant classics superstore – the Walmart of classics if you will. But it doesn’t end at American makes, as you can easily find top of the line European and Japanese models there just waiting for your broker to have shipped to your garage.

2. You can enlist world class brokers

What’s great about buying from The States is that you will have access to world class Australian brokers who know the market there like no one else. And if there is one thing that is never recommended when it comes to importing vehicles it’s trying to go it alone. You know how hard Aussie customs can be with the smallest of things – now imagine them scrutinising your classic Dodge Viper?

What’s more, trying to go it alone is simply a daunting task. There is so much bureaucratic red tape to cross, with endless paperwork of all kinds of tedious titles awaiting your frustrated mind. Instead, ensure you have a professional in your corner to take care of this hassle for you.

They will not only take care of all the annoying paperwork, but will also ensure that you don’t have to worry about all the other nuisances that come with importing. They will basically ensure that your vehicle is purchased for an awesome price before handling the shipment straight to your garage – it’s that simple!

3. You can find top vehicles for outstanding prices

Buying from the USA is one of the best ways to get a classic for a great price. What’s more, the second hand market in Australia can be… extortionate. Therefore, it’s highly likely you will find a better model for a better price in The States. When you consider how many Aussies are being deterred from buying even recent second hand vehicles you can imagine just how outrageous it can be to buy a classic here!

Luckily, the USA has a market of top quality models and many for outstanding prices. All you have to do is work with your professional broker to find your dream vehicle. Once you have found the model and negotiated the price with your vendor your broker will then ensure that the vehicle arrives here in the finest of condition.

So, are you ready to enlist one of Australia’s most prominent brokers to ensure your vehicle gets here without a hitch? They will also help you get the price for your dream vehicle – it’s a fantastic service all round!

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