Are Brand New Cars Worth Buying?


In this day and age, most people will need access to a vehicle in order to get to work, collect their children from school, or travel for groceries and much more in between. Not having a car can be a real challenge for adults, but with the cost of new cars increasing, many are searching for other solutions to help them remain mobile, without having to destroy their savings accounts in the process. In this post, we’ll be exploring whether or not new cars are worth buying and if not, what other options you might have.

The Cons of Buying a New Car

With the rising cost of vehicles, not to mention travel expenses, maintenance and more – is it any wonder why so many people are turning to all-inclusive car subscriptions? We’ll cover more on this below, but for now, drivers are finding that the cons of buying a new car can far outweigh the benefits. From high-insurance premiums right through to MOT costs and other factors, owning a car is becoming more and more expensive – and it’s this increasing financial strain that is leading so many to search for other options.

What Are These Alternatives?

One of the most prominent solutions is a car subscription. These options work in much the same way as renting a dune buggy whilst on holiday or a moped to get from A to B, but where you will have to pay a higher price for these travel luxuries, with a car subscription the price is intentionally lower to provide a viable alternative to buying a car.

For instance, there are numerous rental options available ranging from 1 month to a year, and these variations in duration can be modified to suit the subscriber in many cases. A lot of rental agencies make a point of being as flexible as possible, because although the cost for a subscription is fairly low, they will still make a profit when renting out their vehicles.

As a result, a driver can enjoy access to a vehicle that is covered by roadside assistance, maintenance and other key features, while the rental agency can receive a consistent payment in the form of a subscription. Everyone involved benefits, especially the driver, because they won’t be expected to pay potentially tens of thousands for a brand new car, only to find additional expenses to rub salt in the wound. This is why many drivers that already own vehicles are finding themselves tempted to sell their cars and then subscribe to a rental policy, as they still have access to their preferred mode of transportation, with the benefit of having options to be covered for maintenance and other advantages.

Subscribing to car rental can be quick, convenient and beneficial in so many ways and these are just a few reasons why drivers are opting for this solution. The stress of owning a car can be negated and as payments are made in much the same way as with a loan, a driver can repay at a pace that suits them and only for as long as they need the vehicle, minimising expenses in a multitude of ways and allowing them to enjoy the flexibility that doesn’t come with actually owning a car.

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