Camp Out during the Thanksgiving Holiday


If you live in the US, one of the best times to enjoy the scenery and camp is during the Thanksgiving holiday. While many families will be staying inside and enjoying turkey and the trimmings, other free spirits will be taking to the roadways.

In fact, you can find special packages for renting campervans during the Thanksgiving weekend. Therefore, if you like to camp, you may want to consider getting away from it all during this time of year. Many of the country’s national parks welcome visitors, as they are more peaceful and tranquil during the Thanksgiving season.

For instance, you can either pick up a campervan at a rental facility, Fisher Island Real Estate or have the rental company deliver the van to you. Otherwise, a package normally includes the following amenities:

  • Four nights’ rental for the weekend
  • Basic insurance coverage
  • Up to 100 miles per day of travel
  • A kitchen provisioning kit
  • Bedding kit
  • Two camper chairs

Taking Off for Parts Unknown

If the four-day plan does not cover you fully, you can also take out a Thanksgiving package for the week. Once you decide on the travel package, you can get ready to take off on your Thanksgiving adventure. You just need to make sure you understand what you need to do in order to rent a camper van.

Age Requirements

While the current driving age is 16 years old, you cannot rent any type of vehicle unless you are at least 21 years old. No maximum age for renting is indicated for this type of transaction. You also have to follow state law and the mandates of the rental company. For example, make sure you always wear your seat belts. You also must secure a child that is up to eight years of age in a booster seat. If you do not have this type of seat, you can rent one from your car rental or campervan rental company.

In addition, remember that if you are driving from a region that is primarily flat, you may find that driving through mountains is somewhat taxing. Just make sure you give the traffic that is coming up an incline the right of way. If you are driving slower and have a number of cars behind you, pull off to the side of the road when you have the opportunity. Not only can you enjoy the scenery, you will feel less stressed while driving.

How Tall Is Your Campervan or RV?

Always park your van in the direction of the traffic, or on the right-hand side. In addition, note any height limitations if you enter a parking garage. The height of your campervan is normally indicated on the inside of your vehicle. Take a GPS with you as well to ensure that you arrive at each point of your holiday journey.

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