Do You Need New Tyres?


If you add air to your tyres every few days, you need to change your tyres. They really are not drivable. Driving on tyres that keep losing air places you at risk for an accident. That is why you need to make some changes relatively quickly.

Stay Safe Whilst Driving

You can find just the tyres you need by visiting the store of a low cost tyre supplier in Bradford-on-Avon. Doing so will keep you safe on the road once you change out your old tyres for new. By taking the initiative, you can drive with more confidence and avoid a possible crash or accident.

When You Need to Make a Change

You need to change your tyres if you notice the following:

  • The tread is worn and your tyres are bald. You have allowed your tyres to get worn down to a dangerous level. Stop driving on them immediately.
  • You notice that your tyres do not grip the road adequately, especially when it rains.
  • You are having a problem with the smoothness of your drive.

It Pays to Take Notice

It pays to take notice of when you replace your tyres so you can replace them later when they have not become too worn. You should never wait to change out tires, especially if they are losing air. Make sure you record the date of your tyre purchase and have the tyres rotated to increase mileage. Take time now to review tyre dealers and services online. If you have not replaced your tyres lately, you need to have them inspected now.



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