Essential Tips When Negotiating With a Car Dealer.


Buying a used car doesn’t necessarily mean that the car that you’re buying is a cheap one. The car in question could be only a year or two old, and so is still costing you many thousands of dollars. For a purchase as big as this, you always need to be trying to save yourself some money along the way. Generally speaking, nobody pays the exact price that is on the sticker of the windscreen in the car lot. It is there purely as a guide for you and the salesperson, and they do expect you to negotiate. In most cases, a little bit has been added onto the expected selling price to allow for the buyer and seller offers.

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Don’t Be Shy.

In order to get the deal that you want, you need to be prepared to speak up and speak your mind. This is definitely not the time to be shy and if you know someone else down the road is selling a similar car for a lesser price, then you need to speak up and let the salesperson know that. It is important that you’re always in control, but you must also be a flexible is well. As you negotiate more, you will learn to identify the point where the salesman can no longer reduce the price and then this is when you start trying to get additional extras like car mats and a tank of gas. If you take a look at the used cars for sale in Canberra from approved dealers, you can be sure than any vehicle they offer for sale is in top-top condition.

Much Needed Tips.

In order to negotiate with the car dealer effectively, you should try some of the following negotiating tips which might save you some time and money.

  1. Do your own investigation – Every single car is quite unique in its own way and even though it is the same brand and make of car, it will have a different driving history from other cars. The miles on the clock may be different, the wear on the tyres a little more, and if you check the brake and clutch pedals, you may be able to notice that the previous driver used them a lot, or only a little bit. There are many online applications that can give you a full extensive check on the history of any car, so use them.
  1. Point out the imperfections – Take a walk around the car that you’re interested in, and look for scrapes, scratches and indentations that are not immediately obvious to the naked eye. These can be a source of negotiation and you may be able to negotiate the price down further once you point them out to the salesperson. The cost of the dealer having to fix these imperfections may not be worth his while, and so it makes more sense for him to drop the price further and let you do the work if you want to.

Even when you feel you have crossed all your T’s and dotted all your I’s, you still need to get the car checked over by a qualified mechanic. If there is anything that you’ve missed, then he is sure to find it for you and to bring it to your attention. Once a mechanic is happy, you’re happy, and the salesperson is happy, that’s the perfect time to put pen to paper and buy your car.






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