Here’s How to Make Money Out of Your Old School Car Rental


Owning a retro or old school car is a lifestyle for some. But with soaring insurance prices and not a whole lot of time to drive these classic cars, it’s a great idea to put it to use making a little extra cash. Here are a few ideas on how to use that retro car to rake in some cash:

Car Rental

  1. Vinty – Rent out that old school car! The website Vinty allows for old school car rentals for a price and time of the vehicle owners choosing. In addition to that, the owner of the vehicle is able to choose the exact location of the pickup and drop off the car. Vinty provides liability insurance and mileage restrictions per day and all renters on the app are to provide drivers licenses upon signing up for the app, a great easy and convenient way for renting out that old school car.
  2. Wedding and/or Prom rentals – Another way to rent out that retro car, instead of renting out the car to regular folks who want to drive around, rent it out to a couple for their big day. Or a high school student for prom. With vintage things making a huge comeback, many younger generations want to try something more classic and that old school car might just fit the bill.
  3. Photo Shoots- Provide that old school car to local photographers for a rate per day to use as a backdrop for photo shoots. Or loan it out to a photographer to use as a prop to practice their skills on. It’s a great way to make sure that the car isn’t driven around and dinged up if that sort of thing breaks out a sweat on the eyebrow for some.
  4. School and Community events- Old car rentals might not be the way to go for those who distrust their precious old car in the hands of others. The best bet in this case is to drive the car themselves. School and community events in and around the local community is a great way to make some cash. People will be thrilled at the idea of getting to experience a ride in an old school car.
  5. In addition to renting out to strangers on an app, old school cars can be rented out to film production companies for projects requiring old school cars. If there are film production companies nearby, contact them and inquire about old school car rentals.
  6. Use your old school car to market things- There’s no doubt that an old school car attracts attention on the road. Capitalize on this attention by using vinyl graphics on the sides of the car to market a company, brand, or product. A retro billboard on wheels, and a great cash maker!

Old car rentals are a great way to make some extra cash on an old school car. Retro cars are not only cool to look at but a great way to make a little extra cash!

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