Everything you need to know about Equss Bass 770


Have you ever heard about the Equss Bass 770? Turns out not many people have. It has been covered by few top car magazines/shows, but we will go through the basics of what you must know about Equss Bass 770.

When you first see it, you see that they have taken inspiration from muscle cars of the 60’s and the 70’s. Equss said them selves they have looked at most of the iconic GM names like Dodge, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Plymouth and of course the all-time favourite, Ford Mustang for inspiration on the design. This vehicle starts from $250,000 dollars, you might think that’s way too much for a muscle car. But this is no ordinary muscle car. It’s all handmade and designed specifically for every individual customer. Well, it’s not the final price tag. They offer different kind of models for the Bass, Accent, Accent Plus, Design, Design Plus, Edition and Collection, the top model is currently going for $534,000.

For this price you get 6.4 LS9 supercharged V8 engine producing 640 horsepower at 6500RPM and 820 NM of torque at 3800RPM. Pulling this beast 0 – 60mph in 3.4 seconds. The frame is built from aluminium and infused with bits of carbon fibre to reinforce the chassis, to have structural strength and light weight. Factory top speed is advertised at 200MPH, but automotive magazines said they have reached more then that.

The goodness continues with it’s interior, filled with back from the past retro styled gauges, aluminium switches and vintage steering wheel. It’s not lacking any modern features too. It has modern infotainment system, parking sensors, back up camera, all the usual goodies you would expect in a modern-day car. All this 70’s classy style and basically none of the draw backs, rather then the price. If you love cars, and money is no issue, consider paying a visit to their dealer.

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