Everything You Should Know About Tata Ace Gold


The largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, Tata Trucks has brought the new Tata Ace Gold into the collection. This mini truck is used for ‘around the city’ works as it is made to carry a limited weight of goods.

Features of Tata Ace Gold

  • Lowest Operating Cost: This vehicle runs on a 702 cc two cylinder IDI engine. It is renowned for simple and smooth servicing along with low maintenance. The vehicle’s mileage is up to 21.5 kmpl.
  • Reliable and Rugged Aggregates: This mini truck has a chassis frame like a heavy duty truck, firm and strong and capable of carrying a good amount of load. A synchromesh gear is installed in the vehicle. The front and rear end of the truck have been enabled with axels along with front rugged suspension and rear leaf spring suspension.
  • Comfortable and Safe to Drive: The weight of the load that is carried is evenly distributed throughout the floor of the chassis. This helps in equal balance of the truck. A TCR of 4.3 metre is established which provides easy maneuverability. In order for the driver to achieve a non fatigue driving experience, and ergonomic steering wheel is inaugurated. Along with this, a utilitarian dashboard has been fixed.
  • Offers Highest Profit: This mini commercial vehicle has the capability of carrying heavy loads with ease by attaining a combination of optimum horsepower, torque and gradeability. The maximum capacity this truck can carry is 720 kgs and has a payload length of 7.2 feet to spread the weight of the goods easily. According to the research, the Tata Ace Gold might be one of the cheapest

priced commercial vehicle, but at the same time, it is one of the most productive vehicles there is.

Specifications of Tata Ace Gold

  • Engine: The vehicle runs on a 2 cylinder 702 cm3 IDI engine which gives a maximum output of 11.6 kW and a maximum torque of 39 Nm.
  • Clutch and Transmission: A single plate clutch that produces dry friction is fixed. A GBS 65-4/6.31 gearbox has been enabled. Added to this, this vehicle comes with a 380 mm diameter mechanical steering.
  • Brakes: Disc brakes have been situated at the front of the vehicle and drum brakes of 200 mm have been placed at the rear end of the vehicle.
  • Suspension: The suspension at the front as well as at the back is parabolic leaf spring.
  • Vehicle Dimensions: Coming to the dimensions of the vehicle, the length of the vehicle is 3800 mm, the width is around 1500 mm and the height is 1845 mm. A ground clearance of 150 mm is present.
  • Fuel Tank: Capacity The maximum capacity of the fuel tank is 30 litres.
  • Performance: The maximum gradeability of this commercial truck is noted a 22%.
  • Weight: The gross vehicle weight or GVW is 1550 kgs and the kerb weight is totalled to be 840 kgs.

The showroom price of the Tata Ace Gold is Rs. 3,94,000.

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