Five Tips for Choosing the Right Car Trailer for Your Needs


Whether you spend your weekends racing cars or need a way to transport vehicles to a jobsite, you need to determine which car transporter to buy. Buying the wrong trailer could damage not only the trailer but the vehicle on top of it as well. Here are five tips for purchasing the right trailer to haul your vehicles.

Determine Use of Trailer

There are many different types of car trailers including those used for boats and cars and box trailers to haul equipment, tools, and other types of cargo. If you race cars or plan to haul a restored vintage vehicle, then you may want to buy a car trailer with a cover to protect it from damage that it could receive while being hauled. The cover will also protect your vehicle from rain and the sun’s UV rays and keep it secure while you’re away from your vehicle.

Check the Weight Class

Car transporters come in many different weight classes and it’s important to buy a trailer capable of hauling the heaviest vehicle that you may put on it. When you check the weight class, remember that the weight of the trailer is included in the physical weight of the transporter. So, when you’re choosing the weight class, you will need to add the weight of the heaviest vehicle that you will tow to the weight of the trailer in order to buy the correct one.

Choose the Right Hitch

To save money, some car owners may choose to tow a trailer with a bumper-mounted hitch but a frame-mounted one is stronger. As a general rule, if you’re hauling more than 950 kilograms with your vehicle, then you need to use a frame-mounted hitch for the trailer. If you have a Class B license, you’re only allowed to haul 3,500 kilograms, which allows you to buy Class I, II, and III hitches. A Class IV hitch would haul up to 4,500 kilograms but requires a heavy truck or tractor to legally pull the trailer and cargo.

Physically Inspect Trailers

You should never buy anything sight unseen, especially when it comes to a vehicle or a trailer. If you’re buying a trailer online, try to get as many views of it as you can and if the seller is near you, arrange to physically inspect the trailer. Seeing it in person allows you to spot scratches, dents, and other damage that could affect the integrity of the trailer.

Check Your Licence

Before buying a trailer, make sure that you have the proper licence for towing it. To pull a trailer, you must have a full driver’s licence. If you received your licence prior to 1 January 1997, then there are categories allowing you to drive a vehicle and tow a trailer hauling up to 8.25 tonnes. Those who are taking their full driver’s license test after that date will need to check the combined weight to see if they need to pass another test to haul their loads.

Following these tips will help you select the right car transporter for your needs.

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