Gluon – Future of Automotive Technology


Automotive Industry is just taking steps forward in the technical stuff day by day. If one day we see some update in one car, then next day there is something new in another one. And in this way, this Blockchain goes on and on. And when it comes to the security of the cars, every company takes this issue very seriously, as there are so many incidents of cars being stolen. Same way another big issue in this respect is the maintenance of the cars, as people mostly get low-quality spare parts in the name of original ones. So what you need is something to which you can completely trust. And that is why recently a mobile app was being introduced with its marvellous features. This app Download Latest Whatsapp Status is everything you need for your car. They have so many features which could keep your car safe and healthy. And the name of this Wonderful app is Gluon.


The aim of development of this app is to provide an easy approach for the drivers regarding the maintenance, protection, monitoring, sales and purchase and several other stuff like this. This is basically an online platform for every driver and dealers in the world. So that there is no issue with the sales and purchase of the stuff using different currencies. This app uses Cryptocurrency via ICO method so that whole world deals in the same currency, instead of getting in the fuss of currency exchange. Many people get confused with the Initial Coin Offering, and mix it up with the Crowd Sale, well these both are two different things. They may get related to some extent but they both are totally different things. So using this currency you can buy any car or any spare part from the whole world, with the help of this app. So just get into this Token Sale and enjoy the best deals.

Introduction of New Technology

With the introduction of the new technologies like self-driving cars, now people do not care much about the repair and tune of the car engine. So there comes a point when the car breaks down while travelling. Well just to avoid such situations this app provides you with the feature of car tracking. In which it will not just stay updated with the current location of the car, but it can also tell you about the main problem in the car. And the features of this app does not end just here. After detecting the problem it will also guide you to the nearest workshop, where you can get your car fixed. If you are worried regarding the workshops, then there is nothing to worry about, because the list of workshops sent to you will be authorized by the Gluon.

Amazing Features

This app is limitless in the features, so if you don’t know then Gluon Mobile App also lets to decide the total and maximum estimated amount for all the repairs done. IN this way you can be prepared before you take your car to the repair shop. Plus this app also lets to check the performance of your car, and detect any fault in it. Then it will tell you that which part should be replaced. Well, there is no other such app right now, which is just a complete guide for your new or old car.

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