Guide to the car window replacement


Windscreen cracking is one of the common damages you find in your vehicle, even when you take at utmost precautions to avoid it. A small bit of debris or a stone that hit your window leads to the crack and chipping of the window screen. The weather and severe change in the temperature can also damage the window screen. Avoid turning up the heat when it is cold outside. The damaged road can also cause the cracking of the window. The modern car windscreen glass comes with the laminated design – that is constructed from two-layer of glass that is sandwiched on either side of the vinyl sheet and hence, is extremely strong.

Smaller chippings may not cause too much issue, but it could quickly develop into larger cracks and result in MOT test failure. And you would end of paying more money to get it repaired.  So get it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. To prevent reducing the car value, ensure that the issue is taken care as soon as you notice it. When driving with the chipped or cracked windscreen, it is considered as an offence and against law.

What are the steps that you need to follow to get your car windscreen repaired or replaced? Keep reading to find –

  • Ensure that the chip repair is done when the weather id dry. 
  • Ensure that you do not drive the car for two hours after installing the new rear screen or windscreen.  It is because the urethane glue that is used to stick the screen to the car frame should be dried.
  • Similarly do not wash the car before 24 hours, let the glue get dried before a car wash.
  • Drive the car with closed windows after installing the new windscreen or rear screen. The pressure of the air coming into the car will push out the new screen glass that forces it to get detached from the car frame, which is dangerous.
  • Installation of the windscreen is vital for the frontal structural strength. Ensure that the windscreen is replaced by the highly professional service provider t ensure the safety of you and your passengers travelling in the car.
  • Fill up the screen washer bottle regularly to prevent the fine payment. Screen wash is used to prevent freezing of water on the car windscreen during the winter season and also helps to wash and clean the dirt and insects on the windscreen.
  • Never add the washing liquid to the windscreen wash bottle as it damages the windscreen wipers and causes the formation of the film on the car windscreen.
  • Also, ensure to change the windscreen wiper blades bi-yearly. The rubber in the blades gets damaged due to the constant exposure to the changing weather condition.

It is always best to not try t replace the cracked windscreen yourself. Call the expert windscreen repair service in London for professional help. They would help you get it repaired or replaced as required after the thorough check.

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