Holiday Buying Guide for Truck Lovers


If you’ve got a truck lover or two on your Christmas shopping list, you’re in luck, because there are very few kinds of people who are easier to buy for. The secret to finding a great gift for someone whose truck is like a second home is paying attention to their stylistic tastes and the customized parts and accessories they’ve already invested in. Of course, if you can get access to browser history to check out any window shopping they’ve done on the topic, that could help a lot too. Just be careful you don’t ruin any surprises that are meant to come to you. In fact, instead of snooping, let’s just brainstorm ideas. Here are three hot accessories any truck enthusiast would love to upgrade if they haven’t already.

1. Tonneau Covers

There are a lot of ways to protect and secure a truck’s bed, but few that do so with the style of a good tonneau cover. There are a lot of options to choose from, too. Roll-up builds allow for partial coverage with just the turn of a handle, but hinged hardtops are easier to fully secure, and they look cool as anything. Of course, for the truck enthusiast with a job to do, there’s always a great toolbox tonneau cover that provides several distinct storage compartments that help with organization and easy access to commonly used tools. The key to a great tonneau choice is simple. If it’s custom-colored, make sure it matches the intended truck’s paint job. Otherwise, just pick something that provides a sharp style line and a great contrast with the color scheme already in play.

2. Upgraded Floor Mats

Heavy-duty floor mats are a great opportunity to make the creature comforts that come with a great truck even better. Factory original mats often take a beating, but an upgrade to a ruggedly built set of mats can provide refreshed protection and a chance to change up the look of the vehicle’s interior. You’ll find designs with a range of choices from manufacturer logos to sports teams, custom colors, and even rugged textures designed to just get mud and snow out of your way, with the kind of deep treads that give them a place to go.

3. New Seat Covers

Seat coverage is always a good investment for a truck lover, even one who loves the vehicle’s original upholstery. Waterproof seat covers provide protection for that original look, so when a tough job is coming up they can be popped on. Of course, if you buy one with the right custom look, it can also be left in place for a full-time change to the interior that preserves the resale value for your trade-in when it’s time to go up to a new model. Either way, it’s a great way to protect the vehicle and keep cleanups easy. After all, if you spill on your seat covers, you can just pull it off and give it a wash. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s a single purchase away for the truck lover in your life.

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