Honda Connect: Navigation Features in Honda car


The name Honda has given to its infotainment system is Honda Connect. To maintain its name in literal sense Honda Connect has connected everything to make Navigation easier. It has been framed with the notion of staying connected while on the move and never to get lost in the wilderness while driving towards a destination.

Here is a brief description of the enormous capability that Honda Connect has to offer as its benefits and functionality.

Layout and Personalisation

The screens of the Honda Connect system, has a lot to explore as said by an expert from the Plainfield Honda dealer. The layout of this navigation system has a special place for personalisation that makes it your own within the first few minutes.

The buttons are big and prominent to make the quick glances comfortable and accurate while one is driving all alone. The touchscreen adds to the ease of use while on wheels.

Users are free to rearrange the background colour and the layout of these buttons that are displayed on the home screen from the Settings to make it look friendly and familiar.

Sat Nav

The Sat Nav is the basic feature that connects you to the satellite maps and shows you the way even at remotest of locations. The capability and functionality of this feature has too much in it to talk about.

Among a plethora of options, the most vital are the Spell Town and Spell Post Code that finds destinations within seconds as you speak out the name or zip code of a place or locality.

Additionally, things like receiving traffic updates and detouring the route around it, with an automatic route planner endorsing economical driving, enabling or disabling 3D buildings inside the map to identify waypoints for the upcoming route are only to name a few.

The Sat Nav is smart with pinch and swipe functionality providing seamless navigation through the journey.

Internet, Wi-fi, Bluetooth Connectivity

Connectivity features comes under the basic structure of Honda Connect system. Starting with a portable Wi-Fi router, it has enabled every connectivity option like a Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth that keeps you connected with every use of internet while on the move.

Aha Apps

As the benefit of staying connected to the internet the Honda Connect brings every entertainment option ready with music, videos, book streaming and more. Apps like a Garmin sat-nav app and a gallery function, would allow the user to view pictures.


The Honda Connect offer in it every possible radio stations to choose from. Radio stations like FM, AM, DAB, and USB play without a hitch.

Additional Features

According to the Honda dealership near Plainfield there are some more that cannot be missed out from the list. You get these too in the Honda Connect System:

Calculator, Miles to Km converter, CD player, Mirror Link and HDMI for tech addicts.

Summing Up

To sum up Honda Connect in its true sense keep the on boarders of the Honda car stay connected to the world of entertainment, while keeping them safe was the primary motif behind developing such a system.

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