Honda Easily Outclasses other Motorcycles


Congratulations on having successfully completed the London motorcycle test and having received your driving license. It is time for you to search for a motorcycle that provides you with the best value for money and gives you the maximum mileage per litre of petrol. A quick search of the net for the term motorcycle dealers in London will provide you with details of different dealers, selling motorcycles manufactured by different companies. The popular motorcycles brands in London include Kawasaki, Yamaha, BMW, Harley-Davidson, and Honda. We shall not compare the Honda with the Harley-Davidson, as the latter costs much, much more and is beyond the reach of the common motorcycle user. For this evaluation, we shall pit Honda against Yamaha to determine which one is the best.

Yamaha or Honda

At £1,699.00, the PW50 is the cheapest motorcycle offered by Yamaha. It is slightly costlier than the Honda CRF50F, the price of which is £1,649.00. The former has a 50CC engine whereas the latter has a 49CC one… so there is not much difference in this segment. The Yamaha is lighter in weight than the Honda. However, as any motorcycle user will tell you that the extra weight translates into more stability and ruggedness. If this is not enough, Honda has taken care to see that first time users do not face any problem with this motorcycle. Starting this motorcycle just involves the turning of a key and pressing the `start’ button. The Honda boasts of big-bike styling and racy new graphics. Yamaha does offer sticker kits but why would one bother to paste them on the motorbike when they can get the designs pre-painted on the Honda. This simple comparison is enough to prove that Honda is miles ahead (pun intended) of Yamaha.

But why purchase a motorcycle

Travelling in public transport such as metros and buses can pose a threat, especially when the Covid virus is spreading like never before. Also, when you have your own transport, you can go exactly where you want to, instead of being bound to alight at specific points. You can also travel through shortcuts such as alleys and lanes, decreasing your overall transportation time. You can rest assured that once you start using a motorcycle, especially models by Honda; you shall never opt for different types of transportations, even after the Covid19 retreats.

Why purchase from Snowden?

As mentioned before, you will come across many motorcycle dealers in London when you conduct an online search. However, Motoden is the best in terms of the range of models of motorcycles they stock. They also have a unique payment method through which you can purchase a Honda motorcycle from them by paying a small deposit and pay the remainder in 24 monthly instalments. Get in touch with Motoden Honda, the leading London Honda motorcycle dealers, today.

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