How Often do Automatic Cars Need Servicing?


Among all the recent developments that the automotive industry has witnessed, it is the invention and application of automatic transmissions that will be considered as the most important. It is so because not only it has changed the way one drives, but also has reduced the chances of gear issues, almost to nil. That in turn has solved many other issues that the manual cars suffer, like gear break, wheel misalignment, less maneuverability and many more. So, the question comes back to the point, that how often do you need to pay visit to an auto repair shop, when you drive an automatic car? The answers that come as a result of intensive research are listed here.

How to Maintain an Automatic Car

We gathered the most relevant information from several auto experts and engineers, as well as the mechanics of auto repair shops whose specialty is to treat the transmissions. From every corner the answer was the same. They all said, even though the aim of making the transmission automatic was to convert the manual tasks into machined one, so that the drive can be as much error free as possible, they all agreed to the point, that like any other mechanism that runs on certain conditions, even the automatic transmission needs them. To avoid a serious transmission damage that will now cost a big amount in comparison to the manual ones, one must follow the instructions given by the manufacturer through the owner’s manual. For example, instructions regarding the transmission fluid must be followed strictly. The transmission fluid as well as the filter must be changed at the correct interval without fail and must be replaced by the exact kind as prescribed by the brand. 

Damages the Automatic Transmission Can Face

Though the cars running on automatic transmission are relatively freed from frequent maintenance or servicing, unlike the manual ones, that does not imply they are indestructible. The automatic transmissions that also need a particular kind of fluid to run through its different parts, are precisely formulated and designed with a specific pattern. So, for any reason, if the transmission fluid reservoir gets cracked up, or the fluid gets contaminated, soon the transmission will fail to work its usual way. Sometimes the most common trouble observed in many automatic cars during the gear shifts is because of using the wrong type of transmission fluid, that isn’t made to serve the car and transmission specifications that are configured in your car. The result can be seen in the ignition system, which starts misfiring when you try to start the engine. This issue can be confirmed if your car engine starts making a spluttering or knocking sound. If the issue is left untreated, it can eventually stop the engine from working altogether, leading to a worrisome experience and expensive repair, warned the group of mechanics of the auto repair shop San Luis Obispo with whom we consulted this issue about automatic car repair and maintenance. 

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