How to Find a Good Used Car


Planning to buy a used car? Before you take your first step out to find one, check out these points to know, how to find the best used car for yourself that won’t turn out to be a headache in at least the first few years.

An expert of an used car dealer North Michigan, suggested that, today at the age of internet, searching the best used car for yourself has become much easier a task, but at the same time, if you have not done a few mental calculation beforehand, chances are there to bring home something that won’t make you feel happy. So, to prepare yourself to buy a good used car, you need to ask yourself these questions.


First thing first. Let us be honest with ourselves when we have already chosen a used car to buy. All we want is, to fit a car within a tight budget. So, why not start with this basic aspect? For this there is a golden rule for everyone to follow. That is, if you’re planning to take a loan to pay for this car, make sure that your car payment shouldn’t cross more than 20 percent of your monthly take-home pay. If you’re planning to buy the car which is now out of warranty, it is always better to set up a contingency fund to address all the unexpectedly cropped up extra repairs.

Financing Options

Once done, then start up a search with the price range you will be comfortable with. Your shopping can include dealerships, as well as individual private selling parties. And the lowest price you can negotiate with will be the private selling parties. But this can bring with it a couple of issues. First, you can’t be that sure about the condition of the car, next is the negotiability of the selling party who might not agree to the price you offer. Next comes the hidden cost of its maintenance, that can only get revealed after you drive with it a few miles. But if you buy from the dealership, many aspects are automatically taken care of, and one of the major things in it will be the better financing options, that won’t be available with the private selling parties.

Check the Vehicle History Report

Do not sign up a deal with the seller without thoroughly checking out the vehicle history report. While buying a used car, this step should never be ignored, under any circumstances. Eve if you are buying a used car from a reliable source, do not shy away from asking for the vehicle history report. If that makes the situation too grim, better not buy from there.

Test-Drive the Car

Test-driving is a must while buying a used car. As this is the best way to know if you have selected the right car for you. While taking a test drive, the experts of the used car dealer Northern Michigan suggest to emphasize on checking a few aspects like, getting in and out of the car, engine and throttle response, the brakes, the accelerator, the seats, the head and legroom and visibility, to make sure, it makes you comfortable at every respect.

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