How to Get Approved for Auto Loan


An auto loan is common these days. This will give you the chance to have a car but you have to be wise about it if you do not want to end up owing more than the car’s worth. Speaking of being wise about it, you should get approved. You must know that a approvals is a conditional approval released to you from a lender.

The document will include important matters like loan terms, the amount of money you can borrow and the interest rate. Simply put, approvals provides loan quote, which significantly makes things easier to estimate and create a budget.

Approvals from different lenders will give you room to negotiate. This is how you narrow down the best car dealerships. If the dealership is serious about your business, they will beat the interest rate your lender is offering.

Fortunately, getting pre-approved is a fairly easy process – as long as you have a healthy credit and you have prepared the necessary application documents. If it is your first time, here’s how to get a approved auto loan:

How to Get Approved for Auto Loan

Review and monitor your credit

An auto loan can be possible with bad credit but this usually costs you more in the long run. With any loan, you have to keep in mind that lenders will review your credit history before issuing any pre-approval. This is used by lenders to predict how likely you are to repay the loan on the stipulated time.

If you do not want surprises, you should review first your credit reports. Make sure that the information is accurate before going to the lender. If there is incorrect information on your credit report, you can always file a dispute to settle things.

Collect necessary information

Keep in mind that getting approved entails collecting information. You should expect that lenders would require you to submit information like employment, identity, income, and other debts.

Aside from these, the lender may extract your credit reports. This will mean generating a hard inquiry on your credit file. With this, it is imperative that you check if the lender is running a soft or hard inquiry. You must know that hard inquiry from different lenders takes around 14 to 45 days.

Go for multiple offers

As with anything, you should not settle with the first offer without comparing. It is recommended that you get multiple offers and then decide from there. You should thoroughly check out what credit unions, banks, and online lenders have to offer so you do not end up paying more than you need to.

Go shopping

Once you have received the approvals, you should start checking dealers. Always be conscientious because approvals are only valid for 30 to 60 days.

Bottom Line

Whether or not you consider used cars for sale, getting approved can mean the difference between saving money and losing it. You need to take the time getting approvals so you can compare the loan offers thereby improving your negotiating power.

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