Could the future of car racing experience a big change?


If you compare modern day car racing to what the sport was like 10 years ago, there have been a number of significant changes that have been made for the better. The most noticeable differences in the majority of sports are the technological advances the industry has developed and introduced. Many sport fans have for and against arguments when it comes to technology being used, as some say it brings a more transparent role into the industry and decides a clear winner, where others believe it takes out the element of fun and excitement and adds unnecessary rules.

Formula 1 is a sport adored by car fanatics from all over the world and is reportedly worth over an impressive £3billion. With the sport and other forms of car racing being so popular, it’s easy to understand how important it is for the sport to progress and fuel the excitement for its fans. Technology plays a huge part in racing, whether it’s the mechanisms used within the vehicles or devices used to track lap times, there are so many areas the sport has advanced on from only a number of years ago.

It’s hard to imagine what the sport will be like in another 10 years and the huge steps the industry has taken. There is one potential change which could have an impact on all forms of motoring, not just racing; and this being autonomous vehicles. To understand what it would be like to have driverless vehicles on the race tracks, LeaseCar UK have reimagined some well-known racing cars into autonomous models.

Modern day racing Vs the future

The structure of a Formula 1 car and the mechanics within it are awe-inspiring. The vehicles are manufactured to hit high speeds and man oeuvre around an array of bends and hairpin corners and it’s surprising to think that in years to come, as the sport and technology improves, the vehicles will become even more advanced.

With the potential idea of #Autonomous Racing cars being introduced into the sport, there would be a number of significant changes that the idea brings.

Some racing fans are against the thought of autonomous vehicles because of the main noticeable change; the absence of a driver. I think we can all agree that it would take a period of time to get used to watching a car speed around a race track, with no driver behind the wheel. For many people the possibility of this happening takes part of the enjoyment out of the sport whilst others are embracing the thought of it. With no driver within the vehicle, it no longer puts anyone on the track in danger and the only damage caused during a crash would be to the cars. Although there is a safety risk with any sport, there’s an increased risk with racing as the vehicles are travelling at high speeds.

A good or bad move for the sport?

It’s exciting to think that one day autonomous racing cars could potentially be a reality. With the models having the absence of a driver and made to be more aerodynamic, we could see the cars travelling at even faster speeds and create a new side to the sport.

Although it would be a huge step for the industry and loved by millions of the sports fans, it’s definitely something that would take time getting used to and would be a case of trial and error to see whether it’s a step forward for the industry or in fact a step backwards.

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