How to Get Better at Parking: The Best Parking Tips to Know


Did you know that nearly 20% of all car accidents happen in parking lots? Believe it or not, parking lots can be quite dangerous. That’s why you need to make sure you’re careful when parking your vehicle in a crowded lot.

Being careful behind the wheel, along with knowing a few parking tips, can help you ensure that both you and your car are well-protected. So, what are some tips for parking that you need to know to ensure your safety? And how can you get better at parking your vehicle fast?

In this article, we’ll give you 7 tips you can use to take your parking skills to the next level. We’ll also give you some tricks that you can use when parking your car that protects both your car and your wallet.

  1. Practice Parking in Empty Parking Lots

We get it. Parking can be quite stressful, especially when trying to do so in a crowded parking lot. But like everything else in life, the secret to learning how to park better is simple: you just need to practice.

A pro tip? Find an empty parking lot near your house and spend an hour or so practicing parking. Try a few different types of parking, too, including parallel, so you can be more confident next time you have to park out in public.

  1. Get a Rearview Camera for Your Car

It’s important to note that, if you want to know how to get better at parking, you don’t have to put all of the pressure on yourself. There are plenty of tools out there nowadays that can make parking your car in even the tightest of spaces a bit easier.

A rearview camera, for example, can help you see better when backing into space. It’ll make parallel parking easier too, as you’ll be able to back into spaces more confidently.

Speaking of backing, a rearview camera makes reversing out of a parking space easier, too. That can be helpful when leaving places like grocery stores, where parking lot traffic is at its heaviest.

  1. Always Use Your Parking Brake

If you have a newer car, odds are your parking brake engages for you each time you stop and park somewhere. But if it doesn’t, or you have an older vehicle, using your parking brake each time you park is more than a good idea.

Just make sure you release your parking brake before you pull off and head to your next destination. Failure to do so could damage your car, which isn’t what you want.

  1. Park Far Away From Other Cars

When driving in certain places, like downtown areas, sometimes it’s impossible to find a place to park away from other cars. But for most places, you can find those few spots that are far away from the entrance of a building, and thus, far away from any other cars.

The best part? Parking further away helps you squeeze in some more exercise into your day as well. In addition, it will prevent unwanted dings on your car from things like doors and shopping carts, which is an added bonus.

  1. Rent Smaller Vehicles When Out of Town

Going out of town soon? Plan on doing a lot of driving in a new, heavily populated area? Try to rent a small car so you can make parking a bit easier for yourself.

It goes without saying, but small cars are a lot easier to park, especially in downtown areas where parking spots are smaller. Smaller rental cars are better on gas, too, which can help you save a few extra bucks while on your trip.

  1. Be Sure to Park Legally to Avoid Fines

This next tip won’t make parking any easier for you, but it will help prevent you from getting a costly ticket. That tip? Make sure that you, above all else, park without breaking the law.

From paying for your parking spot to not parking in an illegal space, be sure to follow all rules and laws when parking your vehicle. Doing so will help you not only avoid a ticket, but it’ll keep you from getting your car towed, too.

Also, most paid parking lots have a contactless way to park now. That means you can even add more money to your “meter” and avoid that ticket from your phone without having to come back out to your car to do so manually.

  1. Use the Tennis Ball Trick in Your Garage

Having trouble parking your car in your garage? Worried you’re going to hit the wall in front of your vehicle? Utilize the tennis ball trick to make things easier on yourself.

So, how do you do this? Well, get someone to help guide you into your garage so that your car is perfectly parked. Once you have it perfect, hang a tennis ball from the ceiling using a rope, a screw, and of course, a tennis ball.

Have that tennis ball hang from the ceiling so it falls right in the center of your windshield. Then, the next time you go to park your car in your garage, you’ll have that tennis ball that you can use to guide your way into the perfect spot.

Looking for More Parking Tips?

Practicing your parking and utilizing these parking tips will help you keep your vehicle (and yourself) safe. It’ll also prevent you from having to pay any unwanted parking tickets, saving a few bucks along the way.

Looking for more tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your car? Check back with our blog often!

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