How Water Repelling Glass in Lexus Cars Help Driving in Rains


To help the vehicles run without hassle in all kinds of weather conditions the Auto manufacturers across the globe are trying out their best innovative skills through decades. Starting from wet and cold climatic extremes to the other dry and hot ones, they have tried every prototype vehicle to go through the grueling tests that measure their capacity of acceleration, braking, slowing down.

As told by the Lexus dealer serving San Diego, the purpose was also to find out how these vehicles tread issue of wear and tear in such climatic conditions. Well, today we all know the results. We are now enjoying smart cruise control, weather control features and off road driving assistance which together can be held nothing less than a revolution in automotive industry, and within such huge list of advancements, here is another instance of a car component, known as the Water Repelling Glass that simply do not let rains distort the front vision of the car windshield, and Lexus Drivers are fortunate enough to enjoy this many a times.

What is Water-Repellent Glass

This can be described as an innovative rain-fighting technology which is called as “water-repellent glass” that do not let heavy rains affect the front view as the glass remains stain free and clear even after continuous driving through rains. This Water-repellent glass has been there on Lexus vehicles now around for almost a decade though it could never catch the focus in the crowd of several performance boosting and other climate control features. But Lexus never forgot to apply this feature as a standard equipment on their driver and front passenger windows as well as on windshields. Currently you find this glass in all of these Lexus models like C, RC, IS, IS GS and LS.

How it works

The technology is mostly used in the front door glass where a layer of a special factory-made titanium silica glaze is applied helping the water to bead up and slip off. It works utilizing the wind generated by the speed of the vehicle in combination with the coating applied on the glass and the water droplets get removed quickly. The same concept works on snow, sleet, ice and even insects with equal efficiency.

Safety Benefits

  • The water repellent coating when applied on the window glasses of the Lexus Vehicles, it becomes much easier to see through them and even to the mirrors when you are driving through rains.
  • The benefit of such glass is that, it even reduces the night time glare while driving when it is raining.
  • What more? This particular factory applied water-repellent glass does not wash off the coating in a few water-pouring incidents and doesn’t even require any re-application. Just by cleaning the glass you can make the technology keep working

The Bottom Line

As suggested by the Lexus dealership serving San Diego, one should take a note on this matter, that this feature can be only availed with genuine Lexus parts. So, if you need to have this effect on your windows, you need to stick to the original Lexus glass instead of any aftermarket product available in cheaper price tag.

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