Improving Customer Service with Digital Vehicle Inspection That Works


Tekmetric: Bringing Shops Into the Future

These days, car owners are busier than ever—and so are shop owners. With everyone moving at a faster pace, it only makes sense that some companies are striving to make life easier for all. One of these companies is called Tekmetric. The founders of Tekmetric happen to know a lot about the automotive industry, and they saw a unique opportunity with car repair shops.

Using Business Savvy to Change the Industry’s Landscape

With Tekmetric, a digital vehicle inspection is a thing of beauty. Because the founders of this firm realized what it needed to succeed, they set out to implement strategies that would be scalable. For example, shops that use Tekmetric don’t have to worry about using just one login to find the information they need. Because the founders wanted to make work as streamlined as possible, they made the system easy to use on multiple devices. The name of the game is efficiency, which is why it’s obvious that the founders of Tekmetric were educated in Six Sigma and other efficiency models. They truly care about cutting down the time that it takes to undertake certain processes—and they understand that time is money when it comes to repairing cars. This, in fact, is one of the facets of the program that pleases shop owners. With many reporting that Tekmetric has cut down their times significantly, it’s no wonder that the system is in high demand. From digital vehicle inspection to automated texting to customers, Tekmetric is a game-changer in all of the best ways.

The Handwriting Is on the Wall

Tekmetric addresses a lot of small issues that get in the way of timely communication and fast repairs. One example of this is handwriting. Mechanics and technicians have historically been known for their messy handwriting, which can make bookkeeping a nightmare for their clients. Tekmetric moves everything into the digital realm so that no one is left having to decipher their technician’s handwriting! Signing off on repairs is also a lot easier with Tekmetric. Now, everything is straightforward so that car owners can understand exactly what it is that they are getting for their money. After all, there’s no reason why digital vehicle inspection shouldn’t be easy in 2019. Suddenly, scanning VIN numbers and storing information isn’t so difficult anymore.

Free Trials and Other Perks

The team at Tekmetric actually has confidence in their product, which is why they’re willing to let some shop owners use it before committing to anything. By using the free trial, shop owners can test whether or not Tekmetric will work for their unique situation. So far, shop owners have given Tekmetric rave reviews. Many have reported that it has, in fact, shaved down the time that they spend working on each case. Other shop owners have happily reported that using Tekmetric has reduced the friction between mechanics and service advisors. Also, a digital vehicle inspection can instill confidence in the consumer. The unfortunate reality is that many car owners have been taken advantage of by repair shops. The Tekmetric system allows information to be displayed in a way that makes the entire process seem much more fair.


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