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Ignition coil is one of the most important and often underrated car parts that are responsible for giving the car engine the boost that it requires. Most of the people are aware of how the fuel enters the combustion chamber of the engine and goes though a chemical reaction that provides the vehicle with the much-needed energy to function However, they might not be aware of the fact that ignition coil is the crucial component that helps light up the fuel inside the combustion chamber, without which the process cannot take place. The important role of the ignition coil naturally means that car owners should not delay in buying a replacement as soon as they begin sensing that that it is about to give out. One can head to Parts Avatar Canada and buy a replacement ignition coil from any of the array of leading car manufacturers listed there, such as Beck Arnley, Delphi, Blue Streak, Bosch’s ignition coils.

In the old days, ignition coils were simply tasked with igniting the fuel that is inside the combustion chamber. However, with evolving times, the function of ignition coils have changed and they are now responsible for a lot more. The performance of the car is directly impacted by the kind of ignition coil used in the car. Factors like engine performance, exhaust emissions, and fuel economy depend greatly on the kind of ignition coil used. Because of so many factors controlled by ignition coils, it has been predicted by automobile experts that the years to come will see immense strides taken in the advancement of ignition coils.

Types of Ignition Coils

There are various types of ignition coils available in the market nowadays. Cassette coils, coil-near-plugs, coil packs, and coil-on-plugs are just to name a few. Among these, the COP or coil-on-plugs are the most recognized ignition coils as most of the modern vehicles use this type of coil in their engine system. A typical COP converts low voltage to high voltage that is then transferred to the spark plug, situated in the combustion chamber of the engine that ultimately ignites the air infused fuel sitting inside a cylinder. Previously, separate ignition coils and spark plug wires had to be installed inside the engine system which has separate roles to play. However, at present, the ignition coil takes on the role of both its original function as well as that of the spark plug wire. That means that it is not only responsible for enhancing the voltage but also sustaining it long enough to get it transferred to the spark plug.

Two of the leading brands when it comes to aftermarket ignition coils are Standard and Intermotor. They provide the ideal features for durable and strong ignition coils that excel the quality standards every way. Standard and Intermotor design ignition coils for a wide variety of cars and hence one can easily find the one that matches his/her vehicle’s exact make and model. In order to not only meet but exceed the OE DG500 and DG508, ignition coils sold at Parts Avatar Toronto are thoroughly tested to ensure that they can function at their maximum capacity for a prolonged period of time, withstand weathering factors such as wind and heat, as well as producing and transferring voltage to the spark plug for the combustion to take place.

Problems and Solutions of Ignition Coils, Spark Plugs

One of the biggest enemies of ignition coils is water. Premature failing of an ignition coil as well as a spark plug can take place due to heavy rains or stormy weather. Most car owners are astonished to discover that while they were sure that the ignition coils are to blame for failing to perform all of a sudden, the cause of its failure is actually rain water that has somehow found its way into car’s hardware. A car that is caked in snow during the winter can face this problem once spring arrives and the snow starts to melt. The cold, snow-melted water can trickle down into the hood of the car and find its way into the engine’s system that holds the ignition coil and cause it to malfunction. This is why it is always advised to car owners that they keep their vehicles as snow free as possible at all times.

Regardless of what the reason might be, once the MIL/SES light turns on due to a problem with the ignition coils, the car owner should waste no time in thoroughly examining both the coils as well as the spark plug. A white powder-like substance forming on the outer rim of the spark plug is an indication of both the ignition coil and the spark plug being damaged beyond repair. More often than not, when the ignition coil ends up malfunctioning, it often drags down the spark plug along with it, resulting in the need to get it replaced as well.

After you have replaced the ignition coil as well as the spark plug, you can take some measures to ensure that such an occurrence is never repeated in the future. The AIP seal protects the engine cam cover from encountering water from heavy showers during the rainy season. However, a worn out or rusted seal may let water seep in past the cover and collect underneath the coils in the spark plug wells of the cylinder head. Such a process may end up damaging the coil and cause it to misfire. Maintaining the AIP seal in a top notch condition not only saves you the cost of purchasing a brand new seal, but also from replacing the ignition coil as well as the spark plug.

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