Are You Securing Your Bicycle Properly


You may love to cycle. However, that high-priced bike that you own should also be secured with the right chain. This means that you need to use a security chain that offers the maximum resistance against freezing, hacksawing, or bolt cropping. Use a chain that makes it more challenging to cut it with an angle grinder.

Extra Corrosion Resistance

When selecting a securing chain for your bike, you want to make sure that the chain provides the highest level of durability and tensile strength. Many chains are made with a silver electroplated finish, which has replaced the black-finished chains. Electroplating supplies extra corrosion resistance that makes the untreated black chain obsolete.

Also, when selecting a chain, it is always a good idea to choose a larger-sized chain to increase security. However, a reduction in the chain’s size may be preferred if you want a lighter-weight accessory. Just make sure that the lighter and smaller option is produced with the same type of quality as the larger version.

The Best Protection for Your Bike

When compared to other types of bike locks, security chains offer the best protection in areas that see a good deal of crime. Again, this type of chain resists the use of such tools as hacksaws, thereby making the chain difficult to get around. When selecting the chain, you also want to buy a padlock that is as sturdily built. After all, a thief can also cut through a lock that does not provide the right resistance.

Chain locks for bikes are comprised of a series of steel links. Because chains are flexible, you can secure a bicycle to a variety of objects. The best chains are thick and hard to cut. Therefore, they are difficult to access with a power tool. A would-be thief needs to think twice about taking a bike with a chain lock as this type of locking system offers the highest level of security.

Lighter and Heavier Chains

Normally, chain locks can be classified under two categories: ones that are lighter and can be carried on a bicycle or heavy chains that need to be left in one locale. Whilst chains, even if they are lighter, are difficult to carry in a backpack, they can be attached to a luggage rack or around a seat post or carried in a basket.

The heavier chains are better supported when they are used as stationary and complementary locks in a two-lock type system. When you use this system, the heavier chain lock may be used when you secure your bike overnight whilst a lighter chain or U-lock may be employed during the daytime hours. If you will be cycling in a high-crime area, it is always a good idea to carry both types of locks.

Remember that not all chains are made from the same kinds of metal. That is why it is essential that you buy your chain from a company that is known for providing the best types of chains. Choose links that are thicker in design, making access difficult. Also, make sure that you place the lock further from the ground as this makes it more difficult for a thief to gain enough leverage to cut the chain.

As indicated, the lock needs to be as heavy and reliable as the chain. Make sure the lock is constructed to resist picking, drilling, leverage attacks, and pulling. If a shackle is featured, it too should be resilient to bolt cutters and similar tools.

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