ISOFIX Compatibility in Honda Cars


If you are having a child or infant at home and it is time to take her out for a ride, there are certain safety measures that cannot be ignored under any circumstances. Today almost every automaker is aware of the necessity of installing child safety features in their cars. And when it comes to protect the most precious member of the family, Honda car keeps up to the expectation. Here is a list of Honda cars that are compatible with the ISOFIX child seat attachment.

Positioning of ISOFIX: the child restraint system

According to the Edison Honda dealer ISOFIX, a Child restraint system should always be placed and in the rear seats and never the front ones.

Once properly installed, the rear-facing child restraint system would be able to prevent the driver or any front passenger from moving their seat backwards, or from trying to lock their seat-back in a leaned back position.

Honda Models compatible with ISOFIX

Honda cars are now mostly compatible with ISOFIX. The following models of Honda come with ISOFIX

  • Accord,
  • City,
  • Civic,
  • CR-V,
  • CR-Z,
  • FR-V,
  • HR-V,
  • Insight,
  • Jazz,
  • Legend
  • and Stream.

Why is ISOFIX Necessary?

ISOFIX is a name for the International Standards Organisation method of fitting in the child seats into the cars with ease and perfection. ISOFIX is a method in which fixing the child seat in a car is done without the help of any seat belt or a locking clip.To make no compromise on the safety issues of a child, Honda has come up with its cutting-edge safety technology where compatibility with ISOFIX has become one of the basic features of some models of Honda.

The Criteria

Most of the new five-seat cars today are having two mounting points for child car seats on the outer rear seats, but if one needs three or more the option is there too.

To ensure that the child is safely placed in a car, the infant must be properly restrained with the help of a reclining, rear-facing, child restraint system for children who are above one year old.


As explained by the Edison Honda dealership, ISOFIX, as a standardised international child seat fitting system makes the attachment points perfect for child safety seats installed in cars. Car seats might differ in their designs, sizes and shape. Same is with the length of a seatbelt and their anchorages. This can create problem while fixing up a child seat correctly and make sure it is done securely. Research and surveys show that child car seats that are fitted incorrectly, went horribly wrong in keeping a kid safe especially in the event of a collision or accident.

Winding Up

If you are planning to go for a Honda car and having an infant to take along, consider the models that come with ISOFIX compatibility. It is a good idea to have an ISOFIX installed as its mounting system builds up a stable connection between the vehicle and the child seat, and the entire process of installing and removing the seat gets quickly and easily done. All the road safety organisations, automobile engineers and parents agree that ISOFIX is the safest method to keep your child safe in a car and so does Honda.

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