Jeff Breault – Safety Tips for Automotive Racing


Jeff Breault is the owner of R&J Discount Liquor located in East Douglas just west of the Hillside in Wichita, USA. Besides being a dedicated business owner, he is passionate about automotive racing and cars. He loves to listen to country music as well in his spare time.

Jeffery Breault – Safety tips for car racing motorists

Jeffery Breault loves to watch drivers of racing cars in action. He says that automotive racing might seem thrilling and entertaining to many car enthusiasts; however, a motorist must ensure he is safe when on the track. Besides their skills in car racing, the motorist should have the skills and the confidence to race with other cars comfortably. A good driver will always check and choose the racing vehicle carefully. Automotive racing can be seriously dangerous if the car does not have adequate safety features that are needed for the race. Motorists who wish to participate in car racing should ensure that the car has been manufactured for racing. These cars are different from ordinary cars, and one should ensure that the car is well-maintained and does not pose any risks when it is on the racing track.

The significance of focus and concentration on the racing track

Jeff Breault adds the focus, and the concentration of the motorist on the racing track is essential. The driver should ensure that his attention is never distracted when on track. Moreover, a good motorist will be aware of the racing circuit before the race starts. Racing drivers often visit the racing track before the final day so that they know the turns of the track. They create strategies and stick to them on the final day. In this way, they are able to get a competitive edge on the circuit over other drivers.

Being aware of the rules and regulations of speed limits reduces accidents on track

Moreover, Jeffery Breault says a good motorist on the automotive racing track is aware of the rules and regulations when it comes to speed limits on the track. Car racing enthusiasts love to watch their favorite motorists live on track, and the thrill of seeing them speeding up is fun. However, many car racing accidents have taken place because of high speed. This is the reason why rules and regulations have been implemented in the field of car racing to keep motorists safe while onlookers enjoy the race. Organizers of car racing tournaments have taken the responsibilities of imposing speed limits to reduce their responsibilities when it comes to racing accidents due to speeding.

In the opinion of Jeff Breault, safety should be the foremost criteria of car racing drivers on the circuit. They should always be aware of their surroundings and focus on the track. The speed of the racing car should be within limits as this will enhance the safety of the driver with success. New drivers in the field of automotive racing should ensure that they pay more attention to the above safety factors over speed while participating in tournaments!

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