3 Things That Need To Be Checked In Order To Get Your MOT Certificate.


It can be expensive to keep a car on the road in the UK and even though you may have bought the car for just a few hundred pounds, after that the outgoings will exceed your buying price every time. The car needs to have road tax, insurance and an MOT certificate before you can even consider putting the key in the ignition and starting the car. Once your vehicle is over 3 years old, it must have an MOT certificate and to get it, you need to get your car to a mechanic and get him to check for its roadworthiness.

You can get your MOT test in Tamworth, but before you do, your mechanic needs to check the following.

  1. The brakes must work well and so your mechanic will check the pads, the shoes and the brake lines underneath the car. If there are signs or wear or rust, this needs to be dealt with.
  2. Your tyres need to have the correct thread depth and the sidewalls must not have any deep cracks that would affect the strength of the tyre. If worn, these need to be replaced immediately.
  3. All lights must work, both inside and outside the car. The electrics must be in working order and windows and wing mirrors need to be fully operational if your car is to pass the test.

It is illegal to drive your car without an MOT certificate and it will deem your insurance invalid if you don’t have it. Make sure that your vehicle passes its test so you can stay safely on UK roads.









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